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Top 3 Ways To Use SemRush When You’re Blogging On Budget

How to Use Semrush Blogging on a Budget

You’re blogging on a budget.

But you need to invest in the right tools to maximize your blogging income.

Semrush is one of the best blogging tools you need to grow your blog. However, it costs $99.99 per month which, even if it pays for itself, scares many bloggers.

How to use SEMrush when you’re blogging on a tight budget?

In this post, I’ll cover three different ways to use SEMrush when your blogging budget is limited.

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Why Should You Use SEMrush?

When you use SEMrush, you save time and money by using a single tool for digital marketing.

In fact, SEMrush is an all-in-one marketing tool you can use to:

  • analyze your organic search competitors and find what work to rank higher.
  • find high-traffic and high-paying keywords to increase traffic and blog revenue.
  • find backlinks opportunities.
  • audit your blog and get SEO suggestions from SEMrush to rank higher.
  • track your ranking for profitable keywords and react when you’re losing rank.
  • make keyword research for your articles.
  • find out which keywords have google snippet opportunities.
  • schedule social media posts at the right time automatically.
  • and much more…

Semrush has many features. And when a blogger wants to write a review, the best way is to review just one aspect.

It makes Semrush pricing affordable; even at $99.99 per month. You’re saving on using different tools when Semrush can do it all.

However, not every blogger can afford a monthly subscription of $99.99. How can you use Semrush anyway?

PS: This blog post highlights opportunities to use Semrush whatever your blogging budget. We’ll give detailed tutorials in further posts.

3 Ways To use Semrush without breaking your blog budget

You can grow your blog traffic with Semrush. It is a powerful tool for search engine marketing (SEM) and search engine optimization (SEO). Like stated above, it will help you to write better ads, and blog posts optimized for highly profitable keywords, and get technical SEO and audit.

1.- Use the free Semrush version

The free version of SemRush is limited. But it is worth your sign-up. If you don’t have an account yet, you can start an extended 14 days pro trial with that link. (credit card required).

After the 14 days trial, you can keep using the paid plan or email SEMRush for cancellation and keep using the free plan. (if you don’t cancel, you agree to pay for the first month). However, SemRush has a 7-day refund policy after your first payment.

For several months, SEMRush has helped me to find profitable keywords to target.

I use it to find my top organic competitors; to find the keywords they are ranking for the same article that I am not using; to analyze their on-page SEO.

You’re limited to ten results with the free version and you can’t filter keywords as I did in the picture below.

semrush - competitive analysis search filter

In the image above, I filter all the keywords Quora ranks for which contain blogging. You can use that strategy for any community such as Reddit, YouTube, etc… to find keyword opportunities with SEMrush.

Ready to start with the free plan?

Action 1: learn more about Semrush

Action 2: start with 14 days of Semrush pro plan for free.

2.- Use paid plans when you need them the most

If you’re a solopreneur, you may need to pay for Semrush periodically. And that’s a way to save money with it.

Sometimes, you’ve spend two weeks doing keyword research and it gives you data for 2 months of content writing. If you keep your account active, you’ll just pay for a tool while you’re not using it.

It is against Semrush terms of services to ask for refunds several times. So, you must ensure your card doesn’t get charged for the months you won’t be using the tool in the first place.

You can cancel your plan or skip renewal by leaving your credit card out of funds.

So, if you’re blogging on a small budget, you can upgrade, download the data and use it till you can invest again.

Start SEMrush pro for free for 14 days. (credit card is required but you won’t be billed for the next 14 days).

You’d get the best of what SEMrush can do for your blog.

3.- Use SEMrush to Get your Investment Back

When you’re blogging on a budget, the best way to use SemRush is to get your investment back. When you earn more than you invest, you keep using the tool and increase your blogging income.

3.1.- The best way to get your investment back is to fully use the SemRush features.

The tool is worth the price.

So, you can get more organic traffic, create better ads and write content that converts.

I boosted an article by using SemRush and Google Console. It became my most popular post. I found potential keywords, and with LSI technology, I could rank for more keywords with one article.

Semrush can help your business grow. It is a wonderful tool.

Takeaway: Use your subscription actively. SEMrush can get you your investment just by using its awesome features.

3.2.- The second way to get your investment back is to promote SEMrush as an affiliate.

Semrush has an affiliate program hosted on Impact. It pays $200 per sale. So, with 1 referral per month, you’d get the affiliate commissions to pay for your subscription.

Semrush affiliate program also pay $10 each time a new user you refer starts a free trial.

If you use SEMrush, you will promote it with confidence. You know what you’re talking about.

Go for SEMrush…

As an affiliate marketer or a blogger who wants more traffic from search engines, you need SEO tools.

Semrush can help with most of the blogging SEO tasks.

I will help you with further posts to get the most out of your investment with detailed tutorials. Join the mailing list to stay tuned.

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