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Hi, it’s always nice to meet you there!

I am Pierre Eustache Chardavoine. I am the guy who is responsible to make askeustache.com the awesome site it is; a site you can count on to build a solid affiliate business online.

I am a young man who live in Haiti who enjoy earning money online to cover my expenses.

In 2010, I stumbled upon ways to make money online. Through trials and errors, I’ve learned what really makes you money online and what it takes to get there.

I am not an expert. But I can teach you how you can truly profit from affiliate marketing.

Instead of sending traffic to affiliate links and make occasional sales, we’ll go together through step by step to build an authority site where you can earn passive and long term commissions.

What to NOT expect from me?

I will NOT teach you to succeed overnight with affiliate marketing business. I will NOT suggest you to rely on affiliate marketing solely neither. And I will NOT teach you any spamming method to earn quick.

I can’t guarantee you success just because you read the site. Standing out from competition and earning money online with affiliate marketing requires a lot of work.

What to expect from me?

I provide step by step guide to help you accomplish valuable things such as:

  • Defining how affiliate marketing can makes you money.
  • Starting an authority website to earn affiliate income online.
  • Write high quality blog posts your readers love and that makes you money.
  • get the right persons to visit your site and convert into loyal fans and customers.

Get to know which tools you should need to work smart and reduce your online business tasks and get more time to spent on other things.

By example, there’s such tools an affiliate marketer can’t live without:

1.- a reliable web host:

I use TDWebServices to host AskEustache.

They offer WordPress managed hosting, shared hosting plans and cloud hosting. They give free cloud to deliver your website faster accroos the globe. It fits new comers and is scalable. You get free migration if you were hosted somewhere else and want to move.

2.- a link tracking tool

An affiliate needs to keep track on his performance. You can achieve this by tracking links with parameters.

I achieve this using Google Analytics to get to know where my converted visitors come from, Thirsty Affiliates or WP Dynamic Link to cloak my affiliates links, and I insert tracking parameters within affiliate program dashboard.

3.- a social media scheduling tool:

I’ve used Tailwind and now I use Buffer to schedule social media updates. Consistency is key to build a social media community around you. People that trust you and buy from you.

4.- an email marketing software:

Mailchimp and Aweber are the email marketing software that I recommend. Mailchimp is the one that I use, it is free to up to 2000 subscribers. But it does not allow any kind of affiliate marketing promotion.

If an affiliate marketer needs more confidence, go for Aweber. First 30 days are free.

5.- A keyword research and analysis tool:

I use Google Keyword Tools and Semrush to gather data that help me target an audience and create content that get hundred of traffic every month. They help me also discover the profitable keywords that bring most of my revenues.

Trust, an affiliate marketer who want to own an affiliate business online can’t live without these tools.

Stay in touch…

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Feel free to reach out to me any time using the form on AskEustache’s contact page.

I am glad you take the time to read more about me and what is AskEustache about. I hope to see you soon. Join our mailing list to stay in touch and get our best contents right into your email once a week.

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