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Earnings Disclaimer: How I Make and Talk About Money on AskEustache

This website aims to educate you on how to make money online.

Still, I can’t guarantee you will earn any money using the ideas mentioned. Your earnings depend on your skills, techniques, and many other factors beyond my control.

Keep in mind that online business opportunities takes time and hard work.

This is the full disclosure about:

  • how affiliate links are shared on the site
  • how do I earn from another form of compensation
  • and how I approach product recommendations within posts.
  • and how you must take responsibility of your actions.

Hi! I am Pierre Eustache Chardavoine. I operate This document will help you understand the nature of the content on this blog. In doubt, use the contact page to find information to contact me.

Privacy: Data collection and security

On the privacy policy page, I stated when we do ask for your name and email address. I’ll never share your email with anyone. I use email software (MailerLite) to collect data and send you newsletters. I have a backup on my computer too.

About Cookies

This website will work without cookies. I mostly share actionable tips to earn a living with a blog and affiliate marketing. It’s built with Hugo and hosted on Cloudflare Pages.

However, like almost all websites using ads, this website uses cookies that store information such as your search queries, links clicked, etc… However, it is not a way to save your personal data.

As an actionable content hub, most of your actions will be reading and following links to implement blogging strategies.

To learn more about data collection, read our privacy page.

Affiliate Disclosure

If you read my about page, you know that I write mainly about making money online with affiliate marketing. I strive to help you to take action based on what you’ve learned. Step by step, I’ll help you to:

  • target an audience
  • start a blog
  • build a profitable affiliate business
  • and attract the right buyers to increase traffic that turns into sales.

Keep in mind that I make money from my website with affiliate marketing, display ads, and other means as I guide you.

To keep it simple, let’s assume that all external links on AskEustache are affiliate links.

I keep my review unbiased and accurate. You can read our publishing principles to learn more.

I earn a commission when you purchase a product or service following these links. You still pay just the price of the product. My commission comes from the merchants’ income.

Sometimes, I promote affiliate programs with high-paying commissions. However, it is always highly reputable programs that are helpful and trusted. Because I suggest programs through lists, I do not always use all programs listed on my website. However, I tell you which one I use in the list, why I choose it, and why I suggest alternatives too.

Keep in mind that the compensation may affect the order of the listings but won’t affect my honest opinions of them.

I’ll repeat that. My commissions don’t add extra cost to products or services you’re buying. And I don’t promote products because I got a free version doing so. Due your own diligence and buy products that fit your needs.

So, even if I don’t explicitly say that I am being compensated by linking contextually or displaying a banner in the sidebar to a product or service, keep in mind that I may receive a commission. The same goes for referral programs where I earn money when you make money or use a service or a product.

It does not cost you more or earn you less.

It’s in my best interest to see you succeed using those products. But I can’t give you any guarantee. It’s up to you.

Earnings and Income Disclaimer

  • I can’t give guarantee of how much money you’ll make. Any earnings statements are only estimates of possibilities.
  • I share screenshot of my earnings with some programs. You must accept that there is no assurance you’ll do the same.
  • Also, past results won’t guarantee future success or results.

As stated in our disclosure page, our content are for educational and informational purposes only. It won’t replace the need to seek for professional advice.

Content ownership and opinions

I write all the posts and ideas are my own when I don’t quote someone.

I add advertising banners to monetize the site as well. They go along with my posts which are mainly informational. These banners may suggest products related to what you’ve searched on the internet or what you are reading.

We do not manually suggest you these programs through display ads.

I share my personal experiences, knowledge, and ideas; or I write about what experts said or experienced.

So, this blog does contain content that might show a conflict of interest. And I will not always identify such content.

Also, consider our content as educational and informational and not as professional advice. We strive to give accurate information. As a user, you accept responsibility for the results of your actions. As such, you must conduct due diligence before taking any action recommended on this website.

Feel free to contact me through the contact page. And enjoy your stay!


Pierre Eustache C.

This policy is valid from August 1st, 2023.

Last updated: September 10, 2023.