Semrush Affiliate Program Review: Get Paid Up to $200/sale

Semrush has their affiliate program hosted on Impact. You get paid per free trial and plan purchase. Here’ what you need to know.

Berush, the SEMrush affiliate program is one of the best and highest-paying affiliate programs.

It’s an SEO affiliate program where you get paid up to $200 per referral.

They used to pay recurring commissions now they pay a flat rate per free trial and sale instead.

Hence, in today’s post, I’ll review the affiliate program of SEMrush, and show you how to promote it.

  • commissions start at $10 but go up to $200 based on performance.
  • It is a business tool that fixes a real problem that your audience (and you) will happily use.

Moreover, It’s free to sign up.

Semrush moved their affiliate program to Impact.

I was with the SEMrush partner program since 2010. I’ll also teach you what I’ve learned and show you proof of payments.

Semrush Affiliate Program Review: Get Paid Up to $200/sale

What can you do with SEMrush? What’s the targeted audience?

SEMrush is an all-in-one marketing tool. It can help you boost search traffic and social media reach. Use it to:

  • Find keywords to rank on Google, Yahoo, and Bing.
  • Discover successful strategies your competitors use, their backlink profiles, and keywords they rank for to level up.
  • Keep your site on top of Google searches by finding toxic backlinks and removing them.
  • Find and fix SEO issues hurting your site and boost your rankings.
  • Find social mentions, track competitors, and schedule posts to your profiles.
  • and dozens of other things…

Learn how you can skyrocket your blog with SEMrush and how it can help your audience: Click here to get 14-day free extended access to SEMrush Pro (worth $99.95).

SEMrush is a powerful tool used by Bloggers, SEO agencies, or anyone who wants their business to be found either through organic search traffic, social media, or ads.

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The Semrush Affiliate Program Pros & Cons

In this section, you’ll learn what I like and what I don’t like about the SEMrush affiliate program.


I highly recommend the SEMrush partner program to affiliates. Here are my reasons:

Earn up to $200 per sale

As is common with SEO affiliate programs, you could make a recurring commission per sale earlier. The standard commission rate of SEMrush is now $200 paid once.

Here’s an overview of what you earn per referral based on the chosen plan:

Impact Hosted Affiliate Program For Earnings

Earn up to $200 per paid conversions with the SEMrush affiliate program hosted on Impact (one-time commission). You also earn up to $10 per free trial on Impact.

Impact’s network has flexible payment options and you can join hundreds of other affiliate programs.

It uses a last-click attribution model. You’ll make more money with your bottom of funnel (BOFU) content.

The new program hosted at Impact Radius is the default program to join starting October 1st, 2020. Berush is discontinued.

Effective support team

If you have any questions, just email Semrush’s affiliate support team and they will be happy to help you.

They will also contact you if they see a problem with your account or to help you earn more.

They once contacted me because one of my links wasn’t working. You’ll love the level of support that you receive… even if you won’t use it as often, it’s great to know they are here.

No More Recurring Commission Per Sale

With the earlier iteration of the program called Berush, the SEMrush affiliate program paid up to 50% in recurring revenue.

You could make up to $200 per sale per month as long as the referred users kept paying. Now you earn just $200 flat while Semrush increased its plans.

Should you join the SEMrush affiliate program?

If your audience has problems SEMrush can solve, YES!

SEMrush is a reputed SEO software that can help in finding profitable keywords ideas, discover sites to get backlinks from and so on.

Furthermore, SEMrush gives you a free trial to share with your audience. They can test it before they buy.

Above all, you’ll promote an all-in-one marketing tool that will save your audience time and money while making you up to $200 per sale.

Is the SEMrush affiliate program legit? Do they really pay?

Yes, they are. I got paid by them when they were using Berush. And they still pay me via Impact Radius.

Here’s a screenshot of a payment I received as a SEMrush affiliate:

semrush affiliate program payment proof : berush paid me $447

As far as I know, the tracking system is reliable.

On Impact, the affiliate link is ITP compliant. It means that you’re more likely to get credit for sales occurring on devices with strict cookie policies.

You get near-instant updates about your sales and trial sign-ups. Also, the lifetime of the cookie is 120 days.

How and when do you get paid by the SEMrush affiliate program?

Semrush pays two months after the sale occurred. You can then set up Impact to pay you the day Semrush clears the payment if it is greater than $10.

On Impact, the minimum payout is $10 via direct transfer and $20 via PayPal.

How to promote SEMrush?

Learn more about SEMrush and how it works. You can sign up for an extended 14-day free trial here. (You’ll need a credit card to start the SEMrush free trial).

If you opt for SEMrush for your business, consider yearly payments to save up to $800.


  • Promote SEMrush through free courses.
  • Create SEMrush tutorials and reviews.
  • Compare SEMrush with alternatives to help your audience pick the right tool.
  • Share SEMrush blog posts with clear CTA.
  • Create videos around SEMrush and share them on YouTube.
  • Mention SEMrush in high-converting pages such as tool pages or lists of SEO tools.

The SEMrush affiliate program Reviewed

I highly recommend the SEMrush affiliate program to bloggers and SEO specialists.

They are free to join and offer useful features that make it easy to promote.

You can make up to $10 per free trial sign-up and $200 per sale

semrush affiliate program reviewed - berush vs shareasale