The Best Blogging Tools I Use To Grow My Blog And Make Money

How many tools do you need to build a successful blog?

A lot? Not exactly.

In fact, I run AskEustache using just a few blogging tools.

I can then blog about things I am passionate about. And using these tools, I make sure my passion makes me money in return. I get free targeted traffic making me $5 to $15 CPM.

I’ll list the best tools I use weekly to run my blog and make money. I use more tools in fact. But these are the ones that help me the most.

Web Hosting

TDWebServices: AskEustache is hosted on Tie Dimensie (TD) Web Services. This is not a popular web host, there’s not much noise about it on the web. I found it when looking for web hosting affiliate programs on ShareASale. Since I keep using their services and I am quite satisfied.

I don’t recommend BlueHost.  I have no personal experience with them and I heard many complaints. But if you don’t feel comfortable with TDWebServices, you can start a blog for $3.95 a month using SiteGround.

Siteground is the most trusted and performing entry-level web hosting for bloggers. Starting at $3.45 per month, they allow you to start a fast WordPress managed website. They don’t have traffic limit. However, when you visit the pricing table, you’ll see that each plan is suitable for an amount of monthly visits.

They count a visit each time the server generate a dynamic page. So, if you cache your pages and serve static pages, you can drive the unlimited traffic to your pages which load fast. Otherwise, you are bound by the limit.

That feature is the one that makes Siteground so powerful. You can’t abuse their server. This is the feature that keeps people away from using their services too. When I thought it was about visitor limitations, I went for alternatives.

You can use it if you know how to properly cache your pages; this is one of the fastest loading web services you can find at that price. Otherwise, go for TDWebServices.

if you need help, I have this post written to help you to start a WordPress blog.

Email Marketing

I need to collect email to get in touch with my loved and engaged audience. I use different tools for that.

I use SendGrid and MailPoet to collect email addresses, send welcome series and broadcast emails. I am a little technical, I have a computer science background. So, I can design email forms, landing pages, configure SendGrid SMTP to work with MailPoet, and so on…

If you want simpler solutions, I recommend Aweber or ConverKit.

Aweber is the cheapest solution if you send emails to one list. You can try it for free for 30 days.

ConverKit is the best solution if you want to sell online courses, build targeted email marketing lists and pay less money if you send emails to more than one list. No free trial, but you get 30 days money back guarantee.

I wrote a post about growing blog traffic via targeted email marketing in which you’ll get more guidance choosing the best email marketing provider that suits your business.

Search Engine Marketing

My most converted traffic come from search engines. More than 70% of revenue and email subscribers in fact.

I use Google Keyword Tool in AdWords to gather potential keywords to incorporate into my writing to get more traffic. Then some tools add up to make it amazing.

SemRush helps me find related long tail keywords that are easier to rank for and show me how difficult it is to rank for a particular keyword. It helps me spy over my competitors so I know where I need to push the limit to outrank them.

I target long tail keywords because I don’t chase backlinks. And long tail keywords bring in more money when there’s less competition.

WPSEO by Yoast helps me optimize my post in WordPress editor. And Google Console + SeoPowerSuite helps me improve my writing to get more traffic by optimizing old posts for potential new keywords. The last one is helpful to get backlinks too.

These are the essential tools I need for content creation and content promotion.

If you need help to use them, you can consider these posts:

Social Media Marketing

There are so much social media sites around there. They can consume all your time and ruin your business. But if you use them well, they can skyrocket your blog income.

I start by focusing on three of them: Pinterest, facebook, and YouTube.

Then I use the best tools to get the best from each of them, and even the ones I am not active on by automation.

TailWind: With TailWind, I schedule pins to go to different boards in the order that I want to keep my board beautiful. You can use it to automate your scheduling pins to go out when you sleep.

I use the built-in facebook scheduler to send out updates. And IFTTT helps me with the rest.

It is an awesome free tools which cross-post for me on my social accounts. I can customize how the posts appear so It does not look like automated posts.

By example, I send out pins on my personal Pinterest board to AskEustache’s Facebook page, twitter, LinkedIn via BufferApp, and Tumblr.

Video Marketing

I record my voice for my video with Audacity. I bought a microphone from Amazon. Then audacity allows me to record like a pro by removing noises, combines tracks, etc…

VideoMakerFx and Doodly are the video maker software that I use to make animated and explainer videos. I add the audio file after withing the software.

I am not using a camera to make face video yet. Maybe I’ll do it in a near future.

Video can help you to reach a completely different audience. It makes it easier to convert your visitors into customers. But there are several ways you can make money with videos too.

If you did not, you should start taking your video marketing strategies to the next level.

Money Making

Getting paid is my favorite part of the whole process of affiliate business blogging.

Google Adsense and are the best CPM, CPC ad display network that I use to earn blogging. I get up to $25 CPM some days, even if someday it is just around $1 CPM. I am happy to make ad income with these programs even if I heard so much hate speeches about display ads. payment proof.

Sign up through this link on, you’ll earn 10% of your income as a bonus for the first three months.

Ezoic : I increase my ad display income with I use it to test ad sizes, ad colors and to get higher income when the best ad networks including AdSense are bidding for my ad spaces. You just need 10,000 monthly traffic to join for free. You’ll get higher income than your regular AdSense banner ads. It is a Google certified publishing partner.

ShareASale is my favorite affiliate marketing network. I wrote why I love ShareASale in a post already. I use it to promote high paying programs, residual affiliate programs that I trust.

I use these tools to make money blogging. I don’t list tools I use to make extra money such getting paid to design t-shirts, share videos, doing freelance jobs, etc…

I’ll be happy if these blogging tools can help you grow you blog in any way. Join the mailing list to get the latest blogging tips into your email directly.

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  1. A Great List of marketing tools… thank you for sharing!

    Google Webmaster Tools and Google Analytics are my favorite tools for seeing how my site is doing.

    John Engle

    • Hello, John!
      GWT and GA are awesome! They do the job very well.
      Thank you for reading and leaving comment! Performance is crucial, like you said it on your homepage, it should be tracked!

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