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The Best Blogging Tools I Use To Grow My Blog And Make Money

I’ve always been looking for a great life/work balance

…And I know I have to be productive to work less and earn more.

So, I use a selective set of blogging tools that help me run my business blog.

I am quite happy because I earn $10~$35 EPMV (Earning Per Mille or Thousand Visitors) with ad networks on my blog. Combined with affiliate programs, it goes up to $56 RPM (Revenue per thousand visitors).

In this post, I’ll list the best blogging tools I am using. Perhaps, they can help you too.

Web Hosting Tools

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I use SiteGround hosting

I moved AskEustache to SiteGround in November, 2018. And I am a happy customer.

  • my site loads fast even if I added 6 banner ads on pages.
  • I can reach out to customer support anytime to get customized and expert help.
  • Plans start at $3.99 per month and they have awesome services: Cloud, Dedicated and shared servers to scale.
  • I can upgrade and downgrade without cost.

Get Hosting on Siteground or

Read our review of SiteGround

In addition to that, I use CloudFlare for CDN and firewall. And I bought my domain from NameCheap.

If you need help to start a blog, I have a tutorial to help you:

How To Start A Blog And Make Money

Landing Pages & Sales Funnels


ClickFunnels is an all-in-one solutions I use to create landing pages, funnels, and to sell online. It’s also my best affiliate program. It pays $38 up to $118 per month in residual commissions for each active referral.

You can try ClickFunnels trial for free for 14 days.

Then, it costs $97/month or $297/month if you want email marketing integrated with the ability to start an affiliate program to promote your programs.

I’ve learned to become a great affiliate marketer by taking free courses.

Email Marketing Tools


mailerlite logo

I use MailerLite to grow a list and send emails to AskEustache’s subscribers.

It is a powerful but affordable email marketing service with the features most bloggers want.

  • It is free for up to 1000 subscribers.
  • Paid plans start at $10 per month and it is still cheaper than most email programs when you grow.
  • it has advanced email automation. You can send autoresponder email sequences even with the free version.
  • You don’t pay for unsubscribed users you did not delete unlike many programs.
  • it has landing page, custom email forms, auto resend, automated RSS campaigns and more.

Create your free account on today.

Recommended Reading:

Social Media Tools


I use TailWind to schedule pins on Pinterest. It saves me ton of times.

I use TailWind Tribe to get people to pin my content; and I use TailWind Loop to repin my content on autopilot.

Try TailWind Free today

WordPress Themes


generatepress theme

I developed a child theme of GeneratePress.

But you can use GeneratePress and tweak it to look like you want it without coding. I just don’t like inline CSS.

The pro version has a lite page builder built-in; it has header features so you can create hero headers for your pages and even more.

Get GeneratePress

SEO and SEM Tools


This is my preferred SEM tool to gather effective keywords, analyze the market to get more search engine traffic. It helps you to:

  • perform deep keyword and competitor researches.
  • Find low competitions keywords sites like reddit, Quora, Pinterest are ranking for.
  • Analyze your competitors to find keywords you could rank for.
  • Audit your site backlinks and find opportunities to build new ones.

It helps me find high CPC and profitable keywords for my blog and my t-shirt business.

SemRush has a free version with limited features. You can use it free to track your most important keywords rank; perform keyword research; site audit and more.

Unlock the power of Semrush with a paid plan.

Google Console + SEO Power Suite

I use these tools to gather keywords to optimize my existing posts to get more blog traffic.

The free Google Console, formerly Google Webmaster Tools, helps me discover keywords my posts are ranked for on Google. I can update my posts to rank higher for keywords I did not initially target.

SEO Power Suite, with his tool called Rank Tracker, helps me to gather related keywords in one place. I can gather keywords from Google suggest, Google related keywords, Bing, Yahoo, etc…

I can then remove duplicate, group them, and target my most related keywords based on search-intent.

It is free until you want to save your reports or run tasks automatically and generate reports. Download it for free or buy a pro version.

Yoast SEO

This WordPress SEO plugin helps me get the work done for one site Search Engine Optimization.

  • I can add meta tags to my website automatically.
  • get suggestions and a checklist when I am writing content.
  • Add data that customize the appearance of social shares, search engine listing, etc…

Google Analytics + Monster Insights

I use Google Analytics to track how my posts perform. I can see which page are most popular; which one get a high bounce rate and need improvements. Doing so, I indirectly SEO my blog by optimizing user engagement.

MonsterInsights is the WordPress plugin I use to add Google Analytics tracking code on my website. It makes it easy to track interactions on stuff like download links or affiliate links.

To read more on this: 10 Free SEO Tools To Grow Your Organic Traffic.

Video Marketing Tools

Canon Rebel SL2

I film with my Canon EOS Rebel SL2. It is the camera that I also recommend for youtubers and bloggers.

  • With a flip touch screen, you can see what’s recording when you’re in front of camera.
  • The bluetooth and wireless features make it easy to film yourself while you can control camera settings via your computer or smartphone.
  • it is a DSLR cameras so you can change the lens according to your needs and available space.
  • autofocus makes it easy to film yourself and it supports EF and EF-S lens which have image stabilization to avoid blurry images.
  • It has built-in micro but the mic port makes it ideal for high quality audio from external microphone.

Buy the Canon SL2 on amazon US

Buy the canon SL2 (Called 200D) on amazon EU

Boya BY M1 Lavalier Microphone

This is the clip-on mic I use to record audio for my videos.

  • It works on smartphone, Iphone, and computer.
  • It gets higher quality audio, reduce noise and make it easy to put a certain distance between you and the camera for better videos.

HitFilm ExPress

I use HitFilm Express to edit my videos. It is free to use, it has simple to advanced features to create high quality videos.

HitFilm has a pro version or you can buy individual extension which are part of the pro version. However, the free version is just fine to start making videos.

I particularly like the possibility to use templates. It speeds the process of making videos.

Download HitFilm ExPress free.


This is a YouTube plugin that makes it easy to found popular tags and keywords on YouTube to get more video views. It is free until you need pro features…

Online Programs I Use to Make Money


I am using Ezoic to display ads on my blog. It is linked with adsense. It has a few ad networks competing so the best paying one is displayed on my blog.

I use it because:

  • it allows me to add affiliate banners with fixed price to compete with low paying ads. (Tip: Don’t set it too high. For Ex: I set some low paying countries to $0.90 CPC minimum or $2.5 CPM).
  • it fixes the SSL mixed content error I got when only CloudFlare was installed on my site.
  • it tests ad sizes and placements automatically on pre-authorized positions based on revenue potential.
  • I get access to tens of premium publishers.
  • It’s free.
  • It has flexible payment methods: Payoneer, PayPal, cheque. Minimum payout is $20.

I earn $16 average per thousand visitors with Ezoic. I have seen days where my revenue goes up to $43 EPMV (Earning / 1000 visitors).

I am using them alongside banner ads.

Most ads are paid on CPM basis. So, you need a blog with 10,000 monthly pageviews to get accepted. Create your account on now. This is the best CPC ad network I found that can make you as much or more money than adsense among regular ad networks. I get up to $40 CPM with some banner ads on my blog.

There’s technically no minimum requirements to join. However, you have better chance to get accepted if you get U.S traffic.

Create your account today for free. Get 10% bonus for your first 3 months using the previous link.

I use the best Affiliate Programs: I am using the best affiliate networks to find high paying affiliate programs that pay up to $7500 per sale and solve my audience’s problems. I use programs that pay per lead, per click and affiliate programs that pay residual commissions.

Get More Done. Get a better Work/Life Balance

I am a solopreneur. I do everything on my blog:

  • installing WordPress and designing themes.
  • keyword research and content writing.
  • online marketing like social share, building backlinks, and community promotion.
  • and more…

I have a side day job. But I still have time for my friends and family. Feeling no burn-out.

Thankfully I can use these mostly free blogging tools. I could not do it without them.

It’s true. It helps me to live a somehow frugal life. And I never lose my objective in sight: get more time free. So, I keep my income goal reasonable.

If you get co-worker, if you hire freelancers, you can get even more done using those tools.

Strive to get more done smarter than harder. And remember:

… tools are just tools. Be the guy behind who makes them useful to your cause.

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      Thank you for reading and leaving comment! Performance is crucial, like you said it on your homepage, it should be tracked!

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