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AskEustache Privacy & Cookies Policy

We try our best collecting as few personal data from you as possible.

But sometimes we have to.

What personal data means? It means data that can be used to identify a living individual such as name, email, IP address, website.

This page has the privacy and cookies policy describing how we collect data, when and what we collect when you’re using the site (, buying our courses on selling platform (like or subscribing for our email list (on

(“I”, “we”, “us”, “our”) is used referring to me (Pierre Eustache Chardavoine) operating the blog/site ( from Haiti.

Reach out anytime with info on the “contact us” page.

Data collection, processing and storage

When you browse, you agree with our privacy policy. It goes as follow:

How and When AskEustache collects data

We collect personal data, such as your name and/or email address, when you:

  • leave a comment on the website
  • use a form to contact us
  • sign up for one of our courses on Teachable or Udemy
  • sign up for our mailing list stored on MailerLite.
  • browse the website. Data such browser, location, IP are stored in server log.

What we collect

We collect only the necessary information:

In Comments: we collect your name, email and website to distinguish you from other commenters. You can also accept (via a checkbox) that info are stored on your browser for further comments. WordPress handle that.

In Email List: We ask you for your email address which is required to contact you and your name to include it in the email that we send to you.

Our email list is processed by MailerLite. You can unsubscribe any time using the link at the bottom of each email that we send to you.

When you join the mailing list, MailerLite captures IP address, location, date, time, and the source of the consent form. These information are needed as proof of consent.


At we use cookies.

A cookie is a small amount of data that is stored on your hard drive by your web browser while you navigate through the internet.

We use them to serve faster web pages and to make other business operations possible. Such as assigning sales to affiliate links so product owners may pay us . (more on our affiliate disclosure page).

Browsing: Third parties such as Analytics tools and ad networks use cookies that do not contain personal data too.

However, you can manage those cookies or preferences.

Some companies have options to opt-out for cookies or you can manage them on your web browser.

We avoid personal data whenever it’s possible:

Google Analytics: We analyse the traffic coming in and out. However, we anonymise IP address.

Google Adsense + We use ads to make money on the website alongside affiliate marketing. But we show you ads related to the text that you read. We show you ads based on interests only when you accept.

Ezoic: This is the ad manager that help me to earn up to $40 per thousand visitors. It follows the same rules as Adsense.

Want us to delete your data?

You can contact us to request deletion of your data. Either Teachable or MailerLite are GDPR compliant.

Teachable access or deletion request can be made via email at Or by contacting me using the Teachable instructor profile page.

We ask personal data so you can use the service you gave your data for. Deleting those data means you’ll lose access too to those services.

Links to other sites

The posts may content links to third party websites.

These websites has to assume the responsibility for their privacy and cookies policies. I have no control over them.

It is strongly advised to read the terms and conditions, privacy, and cookie policy for other websites that you visit.

Effective on May 24, 2018.