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How To Start A Blog That Loads Fast And Make You Money

Blogging is awesome.

This is especially true for affiliates and business owners.

It helps you build trust, expertise and earn passive income online.

PS: Yes, this guide will help anyone who wants to create a blog online. We’re using WordPress to create the blog. And you can turn a WordPress blog into anything.

However, this post aims to be a step by step to start a blog on budget from which you expect spectacular results, specially sustainable income.

What’s that really mean?

Actually, starting a blog does not make you money automatically.

But starting a blog is that step, if done well, that lays a solid foundation for a lucrative business… or else, the single factor that holds your business back forever.

Just imagine a website down each time your customer would want to buy… Or you, the owner, can’t reach customer care services when your site faces a problem… Or your site takes 10 to 30 seconds to load.

Who would wait a slow loading site? I bet you’d not.

For instance, a site that loads like a turtle automatically:

  • make you lose potential email subscribers and potential ambassadors.
  • get a high bounce rate and low user engagement which result in ranking drop or no ranking at all.
  • make you lose all the cash you could make.

Yes, a fast loading site is important. Your potential readers don’t like and don’t want to wait. But it is also important to help you rank higher and getting more traffic from search engines.

And, it does not cost you an arm and a leg.

You can start a blog that loads fast and make you money on budget. Are you in?

It is crucial that you start your blog the right way to make money as an affiliate or any other way. So…

Let’s  start a fast-loading blog

To create your website, I strongly suggest you Siteground as web host because:

  • It is the web host that I use, trust and love.
  • It allows you to migrate your site for free from your existing host if any.
  • Their support team is amazing and talented.
  • Advanced security and daily backups.
  • It is scalable. Grow your site at ease.
  • It’s 30 days money back guaranteed. You don’t like it, you take your payment back!

But most importantly, I like Siteground because your website loads fast even before optimization such as caching, CDN, minimization, and compression. An optimized website with few media loads in less than 2 seconds.

Ready! Let’s go.

Step 1: Make preparation to grow up your business

You need a domain name for your blog.

A domain name is your website address. Like people can find me at my home address, someone entering in a web browser will find my website. It is my domain name or website address.

Just make sure that your chosen domain name:

  • is not copyrighted by someone else.
  • is not already taken or similar domain name taken.

One safe way is to choose a domain name is to choose one related to your real name. By example, my name is Pierre Eustache, my domain name is

Pick a domain name. Don’t buy it yet if you’ll pay for a full year hosting. You can get it for free then or, at least, cheaper than most registrar anyway at TDWebServices.

Step 2: Pick the best hosting plan that fits your need

Go to Siteground.

[will update soon:] In the top menu, hover “our services” and pick the service that you want. For this article, I will use “business hosting”.

Their “business hosting” plan starts at $3 per month for 1GB storage and 10GB bandwidth (enough for any growing content site). But you get a free domain name paying a full year hosting for plans starting at $4.50 for 5GB storage and 100GB monthly bandwidth.

Scroll down and pick the plan that fits your needs.

Step 3: Configure your domain name

In the next window,

  • choose “register a domain name” if you want a new domain name to be registered and linked to your hosting plan.
  • choose “transfer your domain…” if you have a domain name and want to transfer it to TDWebServices. Or
  • choose “I will use my existing…” if you just want to update name server to use your existing domain with TDWebServices.

Once you’re ready to go, click “continue” at the bottom of the page.

Review the cart info and click “continue” till you checkout via PayPal or credit card.

Step 4: Install WordPress

WordPress is no doubt the best Content Management System to start a blog with. Actively maintained and suitable for any kind of website.

To install WordPress on your TDWebServices plan.

1.-Log into your dashboard.

2.- Pick your hosting activated service.

3.- On the left sidebar, click “login to cPanel”. It will open a new tab and log you in automatically.

4.- Scroll down to “softaculous apps installer” and choose “WordPress”

softaculous app installer - choose WordPress

In the next window, select “install” to start installing WordPress on your server.

install WordPress in softaculous

In the next window, you just have to complete the fields and click install. Let’s go through:

The first group you have to configure is “software setup”.

WordPress software setup

In “1”, choose http:// or https://. Choose https:// only if you purchased a SSL certificate.

In “2”, choose the domain you want to install WordPress on. Your available linked domain name and subdomain are listed there.

In “3”, choose a directory. Don’t forget to leave it blank if you don’t want your domain to be available at but instead.

Next field configuration group is site setting. You can modify what you write there in your dashboard in the future.

WordPress site settings

The fields 1 and 2 are self-explanatory. The field 3 allows you to set up a multisite. If you don’t know what it is, keep it unchecked.

Then carefully choose an admin username and a strong password. Complete the optional fields and click submit.

You’ve installed WordPress like a pro.

You will have a window similar to the following one with your two must important addresses.

Complete WordPress Installation

I left “wp” in the directory field. I will have /wp/ in every page on my website. I left so it warms you about the side effect. I hope this step by step helped you start your own WordPress blog on TDwebServices.

The first address is your public address. The one anyone who wants to read what you’ve put on your website will use.

The second address leads you to the admin panel where you configure your website at ease.

You’re done with starting a blog with WordPress.

You have a blog installed on a solid web host. Without caching and CDN, my website loads in less than 3 seconds for most of my high traffic pages.

That’s why I told you that it is a crucial step. You choose the wrong host, you have a website that takes an eternity to load, users who never wait for full load, Google who penalize you for that. You end up with a website that never grow up to make you any money.

Fortunately, TDWebServices is among the fastest web host with fast server response rate.

Good job! Your blog is installed! But you’re not over for a blog that needs to make you money. what’s next?

I work on a tutorial to help you grow your blog step by step. In the meanwhile…

1.- Dress your new baby site with a theme with a stylish theme.

You can find free themes in WordPress dashboard, under the “themes” menu. But the end result is that, often, your website look like thousand of other sites around.

If you can code to turn it into a unique design, OK! Otherwise, I suggest to use DiyThemes which allow you to build custom themes with drag and drop.

PS: Don’t use free theme unless you download them from WordPress theme repository.

2.- Write blog posts that make you affiliate sales.

You started a blog on a platform that makes your website load fast. Focus on your content now and write them so they convert into sales.

… Then, we’ll show you how to collect emails to build a community that pays you to write blog posts.

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