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Best High Ticket Affiliate Programs (and How to Promote Them)

Some programs are expensive but pay good commission.

And you know, if it is a useful tool, users will happily pay when they get what’s in it for them.

In this post, I’ll list some high ticket affiliate programs you can promote.

High-Ticket affiliate programs

Want to promote expensive products that give you huge affiliate commissions?

Keep in mind that prospects have more objections when deciding on buying high-ticket products. You’ll need marketing copy that addresses those objections and clearly demonstrates the benefits of the product. Be a good copywriter when promoting those products.

Also, you’re more convincing when you’re a user of the product yourself.

Here is a quick list of high-ticket affiliate programs:

Regal Assets | up to $100 per lead and $1900 average sales commissions.

Invest in gold and crypto. If you’re a blogger with a finance blog, you can sign up as an affiliate and earn 1% to 3% per sale (it’s up to $12000 per sale; the average is $1900 per sale); get $30 to $100 per lead or call; Earn 1% to 3% two-tiers commissions. Payout is made via PayPal, check, and Payoneer.

Looking to invest? Request your free investment kit to learn everything you should know.

Want to promote as an affiliate? They manually approve affiliates in a financial-related niche. Apply here.

Shopify Plus | $2000 per sale

When you refer a customer to Shopify plus, Shopify gives you $2000 as affiliate commissions.

If you have a store making $2000 a month and want to upgrade it to Shopify Plus, learn more about Shopify Plus here.

If you want to promote Shopify as an affiliate, Sign up here.

Amazon Associates | up to 12% per sale

Surprisingly… or not, Amazon can be one of the high-ticket affiliate networks you’re part of.

As example:

  • the canon EF 600mm f/4L IS USM Telephoto Lens costs $12,999.
  • the Canon EOS-1D X Mark II Camera body only costs $9,999.

Want to be on Amazon Associates? Visit (The associate program link can be found in the site footer)

More Affiliate Programs to Promote for High Commission

Some affiliate programs will pay you big commission en entry price is low.

Such programs are easier to promote. I have a list of such high paying affiliate programs you can read.

As example, you can earn recurring commission which add up with time. Or, you get a mix of referrals with low and high priced plans that keeps you income consistent.