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Best 10 Affiliate Marketing Networks To Make Bigger Income Online

There’s a lot of advantages when you use affiliate marketing networks.

  • You can manage your relation with several companies with affiliate marketing programs in one dashboard.
  • It is easier to reach payment threshold as you work with more than affiliate merchant.
  • You get paid using convenient payment methods such as Payoneer, Wire, PayPal, cheque or ACH.

In today’s post, you’ll discover the best affiliate marketing networks to join. I’ll help you choose wiser by giving you crucial details about why such affiliate network is good, how they pay, and how to join.

Ready to dive into high paying and residual affiliate paying programs?

I assume that you are familiar with affiliate marketing online; you know what it takes to build a profitable affiliate blog; And you want the best affiliate marketing networks to find programs to boost your earning.

Let’s go for it.

Best 10 affiliate marketing networks

best affiliate marketing networks to useThe program that you use is important. But the affiliate network that you use is also crucial. And most of the time, it eases the process.

Just a recall:

An affiliate marketing network is an intermediary between a merchant and an affiliate. It hosts a network of companies with an affiliate program you can partner with.

So, the affiliate network is the one responsive to collect payments and pay you; to track your affiliate links and assign to you the sales from those link.

Therefore, to join an affiliate network, you should consider:

  • How reliable it is.
  • Which merchants use it.
  • The payment method used.
  • And How they handle affiliate links.

Those are the criteria I used to sort the best affiliate networks below.

1) ShareASale

ShareASale affiliate marketing network

ShareASale is an affiliate marketing network for general niches.

You’ll find high paying programs from accessories to career and jobs, automotive to clothing, business to web hosting, and so on.

They pay through Direct Transfer and cheque when your affiliate commissions balance reaches $50. They close previous month earning on the 20th and pay on the 21st day of each month.

It is an excellent affiliate marketing network to find:

  • High pay per lead affiliate programs.
  • Two tiers referral products.
  • Residual income affiliate programs.
  • Programs giving a monthly reward for performance.
  • Affiliate merchants giving up to $25 sign up bonus.

You can get paid through Payoneer if you use the U.S bank payment service.

Example of programs in ShareASale with those features:

  • RankPay: They pay $25 per lead. [ Pay Per Lead ]
  • RainMaker: Promote an all-in-one solution for blogging and marketing and get paid $150 per sale. [ High Paying Program ]
  • AnswerBase: Promote Answerbase and get paid 50% of the first sale + 15% on all recurring subscription fees which happen each month. [ recurring fees ]
  • WPEngine: Make $200 or up to $3500 per sale (100% first payment) with WPEngine managed hosting affiliate program. They pay $50 per affiliate you refer. They give up to $1500 bonus if you conducted 5 to 60 sales during a particular month. [ High Paying; Two-tiers; monthly performance reward ]
  • Grammarly: This freemium grammar checker that I personally use gives $25 sign up bonus to new affiliate with a content site. They pay up to $20 per sale and $0.20 per free signup. [ sign up bonus ]

Sign up on ShareASale to join those and similar programs. It’s free.

2) Amazon

earn affiliate commissions with amazon associates

Amazon is one of the best affiliate marketing networks for bloggers.

It allows you to earn money promoting physical or digital products in several niches. You earn from 4% to up to 12% per sale. It depends on your monthly sale volume and the product category.

Amazon is awesome for several reasons:

  • It is free to join and works for any niche.
  • The cookie can last for up to 90 days (normally one day) and you get paid for all purchases during that time.
  • The minimum payout threshold is $10 through PayPal and Direct deposit; $100 through cheque.
  • It has a deep-linking tool to link to any page and earn money.
  • You can use their widgets to show affiliate products automatically on your blog and earn.
  • There are several plugins to automate amazon affiliate links on your blog.

I use EasyAzon to share Amazon links on my blog. It converts links to customer amazon local which reduce shipping cost and increase conversion.

I use Payoneer U.S payment services to get paid from Amazon US; Payoneer EU payment services to get paid from Amazon Germany, France, Italy, Spain and other EU amazon sites.

If you refer someone to buy an e-book or even download one for free, if he buys anything, such as a laptop, you earn a commission.

Start making money with amazon affiliate program.

3) SkimLinks

skimlinks master affiliate networks

Skimlinks is a master affiliate network. You don’t have to manually join affiliate programs. You don’t manage affiliate products at all.

You write content and drop normal links to company and products. Skimlinks turns all your links into affiliate links when a user follows them. They give you 70% of affiliate commission.

They give a shortened URL tool to make money when you share links on social media.

They pay through ACH and PayPal when you reach $20 in earning.

Learn more about SkimLinks master affiliate program.

You can mix the three above affiliate networks to earn from:

  • affiliate programs you joined.
  • any product you bought and/or like on Amazon.
  • any product you link to organically. (even if you’re not affiliated with them).

VigLink is an alternative to Skimlinks. Their minimum payout is $50 and they pay through PayPal only.

4) LinkShare

LinkShare is similar to ShareASale but has fewer merchants and fewer categories. I use them to promote Udemy course.

They pay through ACH ( for U.S based affiliates only), cheque and PayPal for international members. The minimum payout is $50.

I got paid by cheque from them recently. They don’t have a lot of programs; I use only Udemy and Fiverr with them. But I like them because:

  • They make direct linking to an affiliate product page easy.
  • You can track the performance of each campaign with custom tracking links.
  • They pay on time.

5) ClickBank

One of the best marketplace to find digital products to promote. Almost all merchants allow you to grab a tracking link and start linking to them ASAP to earn commissions.

I’d suggest you to carefully choose the products you’d want to promote. Check out reversal rate and recommend only reputed programs such as:

It pays through Direct transfer and cheque. The minimum payout is $10 with weekly or bi-weekly payment. My suggestion is to set a higher payout threshold as they cut $1 per withdrawal.

Somehow, Clickbank is not beginner friendly. $1 per month is deducted from an account with a positive balance and no sales for 90 days.  So, don’t set my payout high if you’re not confident you’ll earn each 90 days.

Check out!

6) ImpactRadius

ImpactRadius is a new and reputable affiliate marketing network for bloggers.

More and more merchants are moving to ImpactRadius. So, it worths your consideration.

For example, 99designs, MaxCDN, Swagbucks, BigCommerce, LiquidWeb all use ImpactRadius. And here are your payment commissions when you promote them:

  • MaxCDN pays from $2 to $12,000 per sale for Content Delivery Service promotion.
  • 99designs pays $5 to $55 per logo or website design contests.
  • BigCommerce pays $60 to $398 per sale and $60 per enterprise lead.
  • Swagbucks pays $2.20 when someone signs up for free and confirms email. It allows anyone to earn cash back when they shop online or to get paid to search the web.
  • LiquidWeb is a managed web hosting companies paying affiliates $100 to $800 per sale.

ImpactRadius pays through ACH, PayPal or cheque when you reach $50 in affiliate earnings.

Visit to learn more and sign up.

8) Commission Junction

CommissionJunction ( CJ ) is a well-known affiliate marketing network. Like ShareASale, it covers a lot of categories and includes high paying and residual income programs. They are paying via Direct deposit and check at $100 minimum. Turn your site links into cash for your pocket recommending quality products;

It pays via Direct deposit and cheque at $100 minimum. Currently, I don’t use them. They have only a few products I am experienced with and can confidently promote.I got paid from them.

And I have experienced it to tell you that you can join with care. But if you do not generate sales for 180 days, your account will be deactivated. So, it is not beginner friendly.

Check out CJ.

commision junction revenue screenshot

9) Peerfly

PeerFly is one of the leaders in CPA advertising.

Promote games, sites, free trials, survey, toolbar, etc… Earn up to $165 per action.Minimum payment threshold $50 through

Minimum payment threshold $50 through Payoneer, PayPal, postal check and bank wire.

check out!

10) Avangate

Avangate is a great affiliate network for tech website owner. Promote software, materials and get paid. The best part is that you can create custom coupons codes for your readers and reward them for purchasing from your links.

Turn your website traffic into cash with high paying affiliate marketing networks; turn your text into cash with high paying commissions campaign; make huge money as premium marketers do by using premium programs.


These 10 best affiliate marketing networks can help you boost your affiliate income.

More Affiliate Marketing Networks

11.- Webgains: Get paid via ACH, cheque, and PayPal when you reach $100 in affiliate commission. It is a great affiliate network if you want to promote t-shirts from Spreadshirt.

Tools That may help you:

SemRush: This is the tool that you need to find profitable keywords that bring affiliate sales from organic traffic. I use them to generate keywords, to monitor backlinks, to spy on competitors and audit my website.

Grammarly: This spell check makes it easy for me to fix mistakes.

TailWind: Now, you can post affiliate links on Pinterest. Use TailWind to schedule pins, find out and post at your optimal time based on past performance. Start for free.

Boost online income with the best affiliate marketing networks.

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  1. All sound like strong programs Pierre. I’m partial to being affiliates for products I’ve used and believe in. Helps in the trust department. Whatever you sell, know it inside out to better service the people you sell to.

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    • Thanks for voting up Ryan, i really appreciate; it will help me get some traffic from Kingged! :) Promoting something you’re experienced with is a nice way to get sales! thumb up… virtually. ;)

  2. You have listed out some of the best affiliate programs. Are you using peerfly? Some say maxbounty is better than peerfly. What’s your opinion? Thanks.

    • I am using Peerfly, but i am not using MaxBounty. I heard that they are both good but i have only experiences with Peerfly which is awesome for affiliates! Warrior Forum has a thread “PeerFly vs MaxBounty”, but even affiliates who use both don’t pick one as best. They are top notch programs and your personal experience only make the difference. Thank you, Rajan!

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  4. Great list of affiliate marketing programs, I am gonna try couple of programs from this list. Thanks for sharing this useful post.

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