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How To Make Money With Pay Per Click Affiliate Programs

Pay per click affiliate program is somehow great.

You get paid to send traffic to merchants. And you can earn money with affiliate marketing without a website.

But, there are only a few of these programs. And there’s a reason why only a few actually exist.

In this post, I’ll list some and guide you to find more. I’ll take that opportunity to show you better ways to earn with the top affiliate programs.

Should you use PPC affiliate networks?

First thing first, affiliate marketing is the process of getting paid for selling someone’s product. Technically, there’s no pay per click affiliate programs. It’s display or text advertising.

However, some companies with affiliate programs also pay for sending traffic to them. They are called pay per click affiliate programs.

With real affiliate marketing, merchants are happy to pay because they are actually making a sale, actually making money.

With click fraud being trending, most merchants don’t pay you per click; they rather pay per lead such as free signups. I have a list of affiliate programs that pay per lead too.

The few programs that are paying per click use advanced technology to pay only for high-quality referrals. And if you can send highly targeted traffic, why don’t you try to get paid per sale?

However… as you wished.

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The list of best PPC networks for affiliate marketing

Below you’ll find the best and highest pay per click affiliate programs and networks.


I list it first because it is an automated affiliate marketing program. You can use it to turn normal links into affiliate links on the fly and get paid for links you would get no pay normally.

It introduces you to a large list of merchants without the need to get approval for each of none.

They use regular programs that are paying per sale. They list some pay per click affiliate programs as well.

1.- Go to merchants in the top menu.

2.- Filter merchant per CPC

You can talk about those programs in your articles or link to them without affiliate tracking and earn money when someone interacts with your links.

They pay through PayPal.

Sign up today.

They use a module to format normal links to share on social media and you earn money if such websites have affiliate programs. You can then earn per click or per sale without a website.

It turns normal links from sites like, or into affiliate links on your behalf and makes you money.

An alternative is Skimlinks. They pay through PayPal and ACH at $10 threshold.


You can make money with pay per click affiliate programs without websites. IZEA allows you to earn money from links you share on social media such as Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest. You also get paid for sponsored posts on your blog.

Companies are paying per sale and per click when you share their pre-formatted messages to your audience.

Sign up with IZEA today.

They pay via PayPal when you reach $25.

With the above programs, you get paid per click with affiliate programs. It is almost an automated process.

You can focus your effort to earn even higher revenue with pay per click programs.


It is a program similar to Izea. You get paid your blog, forum, Facebook or YouTube account.

You can make $0.80 per click when you start. The requirements to join are:

  • You have 2500 visitors a month on your blog or 2500 followers on Twitter or Facebook.
  • You are based in North America.
  • Account Focused on Parenting, Home, Garden, Business, food, wedding, fashion, lifestyle, travel.
  • Engaged audience.

Create your free account on Linqia.

They pay through PayPal. You get paid your profit 10 days after the campaign ends.

How To Earn More Revenue With Fewer visitors?

If you want to get paid per click, use PPC advertising networks. I personally get up to $30 eCPM with and you can get from $0.20 to $200 per click with Google AdSense. Using, a Google Adsense partner, you get access to premium CPM programs.

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If you want to earn more money with affiliate marketing, promote programs that pay you per sale. You can earn residual income or get paid up to $7500 per sale promoting legit and dependable programs.

Quick links

Best affiliate ad networks:

  • ShareASale.- $50 minimum payment via ACH. Reliable tracking tools and high paying programs.
  • LinkShare.- $50 minimum payout via ACH, PayPal, and cheque. Great in-deep link tool to generate a link to high converting landing pages.
  • Amazon.- $10 minimum payout via ACH, $100 via cheque. Find affiliate programs for any niche.
  • VigLink.- Automate your links with high paying affiliate offers.
  • CJ.- $100 payment threshold via ACH and cheque. they are similar to ShareASale.
  • ImpactRadius.- $50 minimum payout via ACH. This has network hosts high paying and pay-per-lead exclusive affiliate programs.

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Residual income affiliate programs:

Want to earn $1000 welcome bonus with BeRush?

  1. Sign up for a free BeRush account here. (BeRush is SEMRush Affiliate Program)!
  2. Send an email to berush team. Find instructions and rules here.
  3. Make at least 5 unique affiliate sales by March, 31st (2020), to receive your bonus.

Sounds fair? On top of that, you’ll keep making 40% residual commissions per month. 5 X 38.98 = $194 each month for these 5 referrals as long as they’re active customers.

Create BeRush Affiliate Account to Start Earning
Try SEMRush with an extended 14-Day Pro Trial (Credit card required) or a 7-Day Pro Trial (No Credit card required)

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High Paying affiliate programs

  • WPEngine.- Earn $200 or 100% per sale whichever is greater going up to $7500 per sale.
  • AffiliateManager: Earn $500 per sale and $1 per free signup. Their affiliate program is hosted on ShareASale.

Find out more programs: 20+ High Paying Affiliate Programs.

Feel free to mix display advertising, affiliate marketing, and automated PPC affiliate marketing with VigLink on your website to maximize your income.

I hope this post was helpful. If it was, feel free to share with your network. Who knows who may be interested.

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  1. I really enjoy the PPC model , but it does suck that there are very few good ones available. I wish that people wouldn’t be so sketchy with their marketing tactics.

    • Hi Sienna. I do like PPC model too. But if I was an advertiser, I wouldn’t invest in PPC affiliate marketing because they ROI is uncertain. Click fraud is too common. PPC advertising i better to handle that.
      Unfortunately, not all affiliates care about legal ways to earn; Even if they agreed to not send false click, they do; so advertisers lost so much money that they gave up on that model. Only the ones who can afford solid technologies still do it.
      However, I do it + regular affiliate marketing + PPC display advertising.

    • Hello there, my name is Frank, & I have been doing affiliate marketing for a year and some months now but I have never received any confirmation, and right now I’m trying to do ppc affiliate program, please I need you guys to advice me on how to go about it , your feedback will be so helpful.

  2. I really enjoy the PPC model, but it does suck that there are very few good ones available. I wish that people wouldn’t be so sketchy with their marketing tactics.

  3. Thanks for these great ppc affiliate programs! I will try one or some of them. I really need to have something on the side to earn money but have yet to record any success with all the attempts.

  4. Nice post bro,
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    I was unaware of the WP engine aff program,.
    It really has a very good payout,
    I will start promoting it.

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  6. Dear Pierre,

    It is really a good informative post you have shared. Yes, you have rightly mentioned that, technically it is not PPC affiliate program, since it is called as Display ad or text ad, but having said that, depends upon the company how they name it or call it, EOD the process and agenda remains same.
    Thank you for sharing such a informative post. Good day.

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