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Best Affiliate Programs

Berush: A SEO Affiliate Program to Earn up to $159 in recurring commissions

We’re talking here about one of the best affiliate programs.

Truth is:

BeRush, the SEMrush‘s affiliate program, is a SEO affiliate program where you get paid up to $159.98 per month for each active referral.

Here’s an overview of what you can do with SEMrush:

  • Find and Improve the keywords you’re ranking for on Google, Yahoo and Bing.
  • Know your competitors, keywords they ranking for and their backlink profile to set-up your game.
  • Discover sites linking to you and remove toxic backlinks that may get your site penalized by Google.
  • Get SEO ideas to improve your articles so you can get better search rankings.
  • And more…

Sign up for an extended 14-day Pro trial here. (credit card required.)

or Sign up for 7-Day Pro trial here. (No credit card required)

It’s no secret. I love and use SEMrush. It worth the inclusion in many of my posts:

semrush affiliate program for bloggers to earn residual commissions

In today’s post, I’ll introduce to you SEMrush’s affiliate program, BeRush. Go create a BeRush account now.

As an affiliate, when you promote SEMrush, you get 40% recurring commission for sale.

The commission goes as follow:

  1. For pro plan (priced at $99.95/month), you earn $39.98
  2. For Guru plan (priced at $199.95/month), you earn $79.98
  3. For Business plan (priced at $399.95/month), you earn $159.98
  4. It goes higher if the referral opt for enterprise plan and purchase add-ons.

For the sake of an example:

6 active referrals, two respectively on pro, guru and business plan will bring you $559.88 each month in affiliate commissions. As long as they are active.

Key word here is active.

So, we’ll review the BeRush affiliate program to answer the following questions:

How do their tracking code work? Do they pay? What are the payment option available?

We’ll talk about the SEMrush program that you’ll promote. Is it good enough to keep customers active so you can truly earn residual income? What problems can it solve?

Let’s get to this.

BeRush Review: SEMrush Affiliate Program

BeRush is the affiliate program for SEMrush: a search engine marketing suitable for both bloggers and SEO agencies.

A plus point to begin: It is free to sign up and make money with Berush.

You can create your account today. It is beginner friendly and don’t require you to have a website.

PS: In case you have a website, there’s a bunch of topic that is prohibited on BeRush. Make sure you check eligibility on the FAQ page.

Is BeRush An Affiliate Program you Should Join?

If your audience has problems SEMrush can solve, definitely, YES!

The software is a reputed one and can really help someone find profitable keywords, discover sites to get backlinks and spy on proven-working ad headlines.

And, your audience has free trial to try the software before a purchase. It will not hurt your reputation.

In fact, you’ll promote a solution for several SEO and marketing programs in one tool which will help your readers and save them money. In the process, you’ll earn from $39.98 to $195.98 per month for each subscription that you refer.

Do they really pay? Any proof of payment?

I give more detailed info about payment threshold, payment methods and frequency further in this post. However, I know you need to know right away if they pay their affiliates as it is an in-house affiliate program.

Here is a screenshot for a payment I received as a SEMrush affiliate:

semrush affiliate program payment proof : berush paid me $447

How do they track sales that you refer?

As far as my experiment goes, the tracking system is reliable.

You have access to reports updated hourly and advanced tracking technologies. You see the country of the customers and more importantly, the page where the conversion started… except when the transaction took place days after the initial engagement.

Their promo page makes it easy to add deep-link to high converting pages such as features, blog posts, the software and news page. And you can add traffic source tracking to analyze your traffic and focus where it converts better.

The results of your marketing efforts last too. You get paid for someone who upgrade for a paid account years after a free sign up.

They use “first cookie” system. It means that the first affiliate who send the visitor to SEMrush is the one credited for the sale. It is different from many affiliate programs where the last affiliate is the one who get paid.

Their cookie lasts for 10 years. It means that you can get paid up to ten years later for someone you referred to SEMrush. Assuming that the person uses the same computer and did not clear his cookie cache.

If she signs up for a free account, you’ll get credited anytime she upgrades that account to a paid plan.

How and When do you get paid by BeRush?

You get paid twice a month by BeRush the 10th and the 25th days of every month via PayPal or Wire Transfer.

To get paid via PayPal, you must have accrued $50 minimum in your account balance.  The minimum payment threshold by wire transfer is $1000.

Do you have active support?

SEMrush has great support. It is the same for their affiliate program: BeRush.

When your question is not answered in the FAQ page, or for other concerns, you can reach out to BeRush support team. My experience with the support team was excellent.

I rate both SEMrush and BeRush as excellent program. I recommend you to try them either to improve SEO for your blog or to make money as an affiliate.

However, it is still good to go to the pro and cons + advices.

Pro and Cons of SEMrush affiliate program

I’ll start with something that can be either a pro or a con: first cookie wins.

If someone writes a review and convince someone to buy, the affiliate who first referred that person to SEMrush will get credited. Despite all the reviewer efforts, if he is not the first person to talk the user about the program, no pay.

It is a pro if it is you who get credited, but a con if it’s not. Remember to ask visitors to clear cache. But they’ll take that step if you have something to offer like a discount.

Pros of BeRush

Flexibility of payment methods: You get paid twice a month via PayPal and wire. The minimum payout is $50 while the minimum commission is $39.98. You can reach the payment threshold easily. Via wire, the payment threshold is $1000.

Advanced tracking: You can create deep-link to tutorials hosted on Semrush and other high converting pages and get paid per sale. You can add additional tracking data and get hourly updated data.

High payout: You get paid repeated commission for a single sale. And it’s not tiny commissions. $38.95 to up to $159.98 per month per referral.

Automated payment: Once you set-up payment method and fill tax-form, you’ll get paid automatically when your account balance is greater than $49. For an in-house program, it is a must so you never forget to withdraw your money.

Cons of BeRush

Price is not friendly for beginner blogger: The SEMrush cheapest plan cost $99.95. While the tool worth it, it is not ideal for everyone. If you refer bloggers who do not earn money on a consistent basis, it will be hard to convince them to invest.

>> I suggest you to read: How to use SEMrush when you blog on a limited budget.

Tips for SEMrush and BeRush

  • Once you know the tool is good for you during the trial period, paying for a full year will save you up to $800.
  • As an affiliate, link to semrush detailed blog post where they teach potential customers how to use their software.
  • Get to know the software so you can highlight its potential to your readers.

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