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Unbiased Shopify Affiliate Program Review Based On Personal Experiences

With the Shopify Affiliate Program, you earn big while promoting a helpful product.

You earn an average of 58 dollars per paid customer that you refer to standard plans. You earn $2000 as commission for a Shopify plus referred account.

I personally got paid the $2000 fixed bounty promoting Shopify.

In today’s post, I’ll review the Shopify affiliate program.

Note that I am not talking about recruiting affiliates for your Shopify store. It’s about getting paid for referring merchants to sell their products on Shopify.

Good? Let’s start that Shopify affiliate review.

About the Shopify affiliate program

Shopify is an e-commerce platform where you can start a store online or accept credit cards at the post office.

It is one of the best e-commerce services online. You can use it to:

  • sell directly on Pinterest, Facebook, and Amazon while buyers do not have to leave the social media or marketplace.
  • start an e-commerce store where Shopify handles payment, PCI compliance, and hosting for you.
  • accept credit card payments from both your online and local stores with Shopify POS (Point Of Sale) and save on fees.
  • sell on your existing blog with HTML buy now buttons.
  • and more…

The plans are as follows:

  • Shopify lite for $9 per month.
  • Shopify Basic for $29 per month.
  • Shopify (as simple) for $79 per month.
  • Advanced Shopify plan for $299 per month.
  • And Shopify plus where you have to contact the sale team to get pricing.

As an affiliate, you get 200% of the first user payments for Shopify Lite, Shopify Basic, Shopify, and Advanced Shopify plans.. 100% paid the first month, 100% paid the second month. For the enterprise plan, also called Shopify Plus, you earn a $2000 fixed bounty.

Shopify high paying affiliate program

When the customer pays for a full year or for two years, you earn that big affiliate commission. If you refer a member to Shopify Plus, you earn a high commission anyway. This is how I experienced the highest pay possible with the Shopify affiliate program.

Do you think Shopify is the right platform for you to start an online store? Try it free for 14 days, no credit card is required.

Let’s review the affiliate opportunities for you.

Shopify affiliate program review

Shopify is one of the highest-paying affiliate programs online.

There’s a bunch of things I like about them along with the high affiliate commissions. And there are a few things I’d like them to improve.

You can make money with the Shopify affiliate program or the Shopify partner program. Everyone can be a partner and an affiliate; as long as you have a website or blog.

How can you make money with the Shopify partner program?

You can make money with Shopify’s partner program in three different ways:

  • From the affiliate program: Shopify makes it easy to share landing pages with your referral tracker and earn per sale. You earn 200% per sale up to $2000 via the affiliate program.
  • From the Shopify partner program: If you can design Shopify themes as a partner, you earn up to 70% per sale on the Shopify Theme Store. Another opportunity for residual and passive income.
  • From the Shopify partner program for developers: If you can build apps to work with Shopify, you earn up to 80% per app sale.

Only the theme and app creator makes money from the Shopify theme and Shopify app sale. As an affiliate, you make money sending customers to buy Shopify plans to open stores and sell online.

The pros of Shopify’s affiliate program

  • Chat live available for help: If you need quick help with the affiliate program, you can use the chat feature. I used it and get answers in a few minutes.
  • Personal affiliate manager: You have someone dedicated to your affiliate account to help you out. I am glad she’s here. When I wanted to get paid via wire instead of PayPal, the live chat was not successful. But my account manager gives all the details because the fixed bounty for Shopify plus is not paid via PayPal. I was glad. You understand what I mean when you know that PayPal can freeze your money for 180 days when you get paid high commissions.
  • High commission: You get paid up to $2000 per sale. It’s awesome when you promote such a wonderful program. You don’t do it just for the money, but you get the money.
  • Fast payout: they pay twice a month via PayPal when your account balance is greater than $25.
  • Deep linking: You can link to any page on Shopify and earn commissions if the user converts. You just have to add ?ref=YourUsername to make it work.
  • Long-life trial conversion: If a customer tries the trial for 14 days and upgrades at any time later, you get your commissions.

I earned $2000 for a sale with Shopify affiliate program

I’d like to tell you fancy things about it.

How I targeted the right customers; improved my website with a checklist. But nope. I did not do these.

In fact, there are tasks I do on all of my blog posts; but I did not specifically target Shopify customers.

I just write naturally. And when I reference an awesome program, I use my affiliate link if I have one.

If your blog is in e-commerce niche, you can sign up on Shopify to understand how the platform works. They have one of the best referral programs that pay cash.

For a Shopify affiliate review, you’d like some proofs that Shopify is actually a high paying affiliate program, right?

Get one from the screenshot below. It does not happen everyday. But it’s your opportunity to earn huge commission per sale.

Shopify affiliate commission - $2000 per sale

I just wrote about Shopify on four of my posts:

I got many people to sign on Shopify using these pages. And the highest commission comes from them too.

I got a reader who loves the Shopify services and uses their Shopify Plus plan. I get $2000; the customer gets a lovely service to make more money selling his products. That’s the beauty of affiliate marketing. No bluffing needed to earn money.

You can check out the Shopify affiliate FAQ page which may answer many of your questions.

Takeaway: As long as you love a product and mention it on your post, use your affiliate link if you’ve been approved to do so.

What you can do to earn more with Shopify affiliate program

  • Write blog posts teaching people how to sell online and target the keywords they use.
  • As a Shopify partner, set up e-commerce stores for your clients. You’ll still get affiliate, theme, or app commissions.
  • Share deep Shopify links on social media to get more people to subscribe using your links.


You can promote Shopify affiliate programs to make money. Like any service, it’s not perfect. But it’s one of the best services you can promote online. It’s one of the highest paying too.

I earned $2000 fixed bounty for a sale. I did not do anything special. You can do it too if you’re willing to write to help people; just add your affiliate links to get paid if you’ve really helped.

Feel free to share this post with your peers. And let us know what do you think about the program or your experiences using the comment form below.