How to find inspiration for writing interesting articles

Constant writing is important for blogger and writer. It is important to rank high on search engine result pages (SERP); it helps to keep your audience happy and connected to your website; it keeps you listed on most popular article directories, build trust and so on… But, how to find inspiration for writing interest articles attracting readers and that build you a stable audience? How to generate content ideas for your website?

Getting inspired for creative writing helps you keep your business running; you give your audience the needed articles good for inbound marketing and outbound marketing; you know them better and writer the best quality content for them. Here’s some ways to find inspiration for writing blog posts and articles on your website.

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Constant content writing helps get more traffic, more subscribers and readers, more sales and so on… So, it helps bloggers, freelancers and marketers; content creation should not be neglected.

How to find inspiration for writing interesting articles

1.- Use Google Trends for hot subject

Google trends is a nice tool available for content producer. It shows the searches trends and you can search for the peek season for a topic. If a trending topic is related to your site theme, you can easily get inspired to write about something people are looking for.

2.- Browse Q/A to know what people are looking for

If you want to attract people to your site, get them what the want. As problem can be unexpected, a lot of people are looking for solution online. Browsing Questions and Answers (Q/A) websites and forums let you know problems people are facing. If you can solve that problem and it is related to your niche, write an epic post about it. You can also get answers from the page itself to create a search engine friendly website that rank better than Q/A sites.

3.- Stay connected to information sources

Are you blogging about Google Analytics, Google Adsense or SEO? Stay connected with those official websites and be the first to be notified and write about changes.

Stay connected with your interests. It is why it is recommended to blog and write about something you love, something you really have interests for. Just an change in your field of interests will inspire you a lot of articles to write.

4.- Read and interact with other writing

Maybe you underestimate the inspiring power of reading and talking; maybe you don’t. :) Reading people may inspire you a large percent in your creative writing. By reading, you can gather information to create videos, slideshow, infographic and so on…

A successful article does not equal a complete article. There’s always something new to say; something left to be said. By reading, you learn yourself and discover uncovered part of the market and use it.

Go through blogging communities, niche blog directories, content discovery tools or pinterest to get inspired; then, use your creativity to produce epic content that can be viral and level up your website.

5.- Search for popular keywords

Another way you can get inspiration for writing articles is through keyword research. Keyword research is nothing more than research of keywords people use when they search online. Being aware of what people are looking for, you can find what you have to write for your audience.

A single queries can suggest a lot of writing. Here is the screenshot for a search related to creative writing.

create writing inpirational keyword suggestions

You can create one article for each suggested keyword by Google adwords. Further searches may help you get thousands of traffic via Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) even from the less popular keyword.

6.- Be open and receptive

Then, you need to be open and receptive. Ideas for writing articles are everywhere; it is right next to you and all around you; you just need to be open and receptive to what is happening right now.

But as we tend to forget; always have an handy copybook… or sorry,… iPhone to take note. By example, you are drinking coffee and unfortunately, the coffee falls on your shirt. Your day is ruined… but don’t panic; you’ve got an idea for writing a new article: “How one second of inattention second can ruin your business of ten years”.

let your creativity inspire you

Each of your activities, everything that you see can inspire you something to write. Just be creative, open and receptive. You’ve seen how to find inspiration for writing interesting articles; it’s time to practice. Feel free to comment and share.

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