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Curate Content and Drive Traffic to Your Website with

A content curator is an app, a software that gather content from multiple sources and serve them in one place. You can automatically get content from Google, social networks, RSS feeds that fit your interests. You curate content from all over the world and read it. It is a nice way to get news from your best blogs without signing into each blog newsletter.

We can also curate content to drive traffic to our website. You create a board about your interests; people sharing the same interests follow that topic. Each time you submit a new item to your listing, subscribers are notified via their dashboard and through emails.

Curate content and drive traffic to your website with is a free content curating tool where you can save your favorite pages, promote them and email them to your followers. It is an awesome tool to stay in touch with your favorites blogs or to promote your posts to a wider audience. How you use it makes the difference; and, you can use it both for driving traffic to your website and keep connected with your interests.

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How works? works a simple way; you search for awesome web content and you make it a scoop. You sign up for free and can create up to two boards. You add sources such as Google search, twitter, Facebook, RSS feeds, etc… Each time you keywords are found or when a new post is posted on a feed, you get suggested to scoop the content. You can also submit a post directly by URL.

Each board you create is public and can be followed. Your board subscribers can opt to receive your news daily or weekly. Users can submit your scoop to social media if they like it and re-scoop it to their board; it open door to more and more audience via social media and

get free web traffic with

How to maximize web traffic from

Followers is one of the key factor to traffic from To get subscribers, you need to maintain an excellent board. Submit quality content, essentially your own, if you want to get subscribers. Just submitting your link to open the world to web traffic. If your article contain the keyword set by an user, it will be suggested to him.

You can also suggest your listing to others scoopers. Get your post emailed using popular and active boards. It means that to be friendly, it is recommended that you submit epic content writing by others. I will write a list of things that make scooper reputed.

  • Contextual board: Keep your board around a topic. Don’t just submit content, submit content around an interest. When someone follow your board, he knows what kind of content to expect.
  • Quality content: You will get more followers if your submitted content are high quality. Search for epic content, read them first or submit your high-quality writing.
  • Suggest to popular scooper: There are popular user who already build a mailing list on As new users, you’re far behind. But, as it is a community around meaningful articles, you can suggest your content to popular users. If they like it and approve it, you’ll be promoted to users connected by interests who can interact with your posts ( sharing, comments, page views, etc…)!
  • Scoop regularly: Constant sharing is a key. Keep submitting content and keep getting followers and traffic.
  • Add tags to your sharing: When you submit a content to, you can add tags to it. Those tags will make your articles suggested to users with same interests.

You can also add sharing button to allow people to submit your content to with ease. does more than driving traffic. They are search engine friendly sites and keep driving traffic to your post through searches engines. But also, if you opt for premium membership, you can add your own domain to your boards. That way, you improve your alexa ranking and your search ranking. Enjoy driving traffic to your site and curate content to stay connected with your interests.


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11 thoughts on “Curate Content and Drive Traffic to Your Website with

  1. The one thing missing from all the hype about `’ is its interaction with Blogs. I have contacted about this and they ignored me. It is difficult to see how it benefits your blog or website.

    • Hello Glenn! I understand, and the traffic stat from is from views on the site not on yours. If you design your site for easy navigation with a great menu and related posts methods, you can benefit from traffic with quality writing! You will get more page views per visit and user will re-share your posts.

      I think the best way to see how you benefit from is to check out Google Analytics ( if used or similar) for referrals traffic!

    • Hi Glenn – Guillaume from here.

      Sorry we missed your question. But you can fully integrate with your blog: we have a direct integration with WordPress and Tumblr for that ( for details).

      We also do support premium white-label integrations through Business and Enterprise (details here:

      Hope that helps.

      And thanks Pierre for the great post and pinging me about it on!

    • You’re welcome Guillaume; and thanks to you!

  2. Great info guys, and happy to see and G follow up! I will hop on the network later today…still looking for that 25th hour :)



    • :) Thanks for the tweet Ryan! is also integrated to twitter; we can expect a wider audience from now1

  3. Thanks for the informative article. All I would want about a first insight in one place, I assume. Have already hopped over there to check them out. (By the way, is also an example of when NOT to favor a ‘.com’ domain!) “ does more than driving traffic. They are search engine friendly sites and keep driving traffic to your post through searches engines.” Still, I’m waiting for “the other shoe to drop”. With Google’s policies and algorithm changes being unpredictable and Matt Cutts hinting at the perils of even guest-blogging, I wonder if the curation business will be always well-liked by the Google moguls.

  4. Hello Dermot Gilley, it is uncertain; but use subdomain to boost your SEO. As long as sub domain is considered as different domain, it just help! But nothing is certain with Google! Thanks for commenting! :)

  5. can help to increase visibility and popularity of the blog which ultimately help to increase ecommerce conversion.

    • You’re right, Harekrishna! can drive traffic to your website and even let you curate content to share to your networks. If your website is optimized of conversion, you can turn these visitors into customers.

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