AskEustache Publishing Principles

I strive to write honest and unbiased reviews.

We may earn a commission when you click on affiliate links on our article. Also, I recommend the best converting and trusted products at the top. I follow strict guidelines to share independent opinions not influenced by a company or by compensation.

Who We Are?

Pierre Eustache Chardavoine is the sole person behind AskEustache.

With the right tools and productivity methods, I manage to get the time to do research, test and use recommended tools, and keep the content updated.

AskEustache Editorial Principles

Here are some principles that I follow:

  • educational content and independent reviews that are useful to you, the reader.
  • keeping content relevant by updating it periodically.
  • staying transparent on how we make money and giving unbiased recommendations.
  • when it comes to investment, we share information with you and encourage you to do your own research (DYOR). It’s your money, do your due diligence to invest wisely.

How I Conduct The Reviews?

I research, test, and share my experiences with the product I am reviewing.

I rate the products on criteria that help you make informed buying decisions such as:

  • pricing
  • usefulness
  • how they perform against competitors.

and other factors depending on the product or service that I am reviewing.

The review ratings are from three to five stars. I don’t review products that I don’t recommend (unless a former good product is not maintained). I may mention them in the section about alternatives in published reviews so you know how they compare. I don’t accept compensation to improve ratings.

Here is the process I follow for writing reviews

  • I consider the experience that I have with the product. Did I use the paid version or a free version? I’ll let you know. Is it a product that I am still using? If not, if there changes that I need to take into consideration?
  • Then I read what other users have to say. Is there a use case that I did not consider? Is my experience different than theirs? What do people say in online communities not moderated by their staff?
  • We write the review and update it when necessary.

How I Make Money with The Reviews?

I sometimes get an incentive to write about a new feature from a product I am already an affiliate for. In this way, I get paid upfront.

Also, when you click an affiliate link and use the product I may get paid a flat rate per sale or recurring commission.

So, it’s in my best interest to recommend products that you’ll love and happily pay for because they solve a real problem.

I don’t just write reviews. So, I have other ways I make money with this blog.

I have a disclosure page where I go into the details of our recommendations and how I can’t guarantee you’ll replicate past results.

What topics do we cover?

We focus on blogging, marketing automation, online business opportunities, affiliate marketing, and productivity tips.

What is the primary content format?

I mostly publish written step-by-step tutorials and listicles. But I also enhance the content with multimedia assets or repurpose it for other formats.

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