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Best 4 Free Sites To Sell E-Books Online

Best sites to sell e-books online

Selling digital downloads is one of the best ways to make money online.

  • You need less traffic.
  • You keep a higher revenue share (up to 100%).
  • Best of all, you keep your customers.

Despite the fact that affiliate marketing is awesome, the truth is that, when you send a sale via affiliate marketing, you refer a customer and a potential future customer. The vendor makes real money from up-sells, cross-sells, and down-sales from which you earn nothing.

It’s not to say that affiliate marketing is bad. This is what is all about. It’s a wonderful way to earn online – huge and passive income.

But it does not have to be your one and only source of income.

In fact, affiliate marketing can be very lucrative. There are programs paying recurring commissions per sale.

Therefore, you can’t reinvent the wheel every time and create everything. Promoting reputed products and services you use is a a smart way to earn money online.

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By selling your own products, you get a little bit smarter than affiliate marketing.

When you have loyal customers and create awesome products, you keep making sales every time you release new stuff. You earn repeated income instead of one-time affiliate revenue. (consideration changes if you use residual income affiliate programs).

I am aware that your content is an asset from which you make money from display advertising and affiliate marketing. I do.

But it is also a way to drive people to your products and make even more money.

But how much it costs to sell books online? What are the best-selling sites?

Where to sell e-books online?

It cost nothing to start selling online. You can sell your e-books, audio, photos, videos, and services for free.

As a blog entrepreneur, you can make use of the following sites to sell digital online:

Teespring: Alongside print-on-demand products (t-shirts, mugs, pants, etc…), you can sell digital products with Teespring.

GumRoad: Sell music, film, and digital books with Gumroad. No refund fees, no monthly fees, and no hosting fees. 5% fees + $0.25 are deducted from your earnings only when you make a sale. You get paid via ACH weekly when your account earning balance reaches $10.

GumRoad is really interesting when it comes to selling things online. Not only books; but also digital and physical products such as books, CDs, music, videos, and t-shirts. You can sell subscriptions such as monthly magazines, monthly blog plans, and email courses.

Your sellers can buy using a PayPal account or a credit card. You can withdraw your earnings through Payoneer Us payment services.

I sold and got paid several times using Gumroad. The only problem is that they don’t secure your checkout process against fraudulent activities. If someone tries to game the system, it’s you, the vendor, who gets banned.

Selz: Sell your e-books, plugins, services, and physical items via Selz. Get paid weekly through PayPal and ACH payment. So, if you have a Payoneer account, you can get paid via Payoneer for selling your digital products and services.

You set up and host your products and services for free. You don’t pay monthly fees. The pricing is 5% + $0.25 on every transaction via credit card; 2% on every transaction via PayPal. It means, if you sell a book for $10, you receive $9.35 per sale if the buyer uses a credit card.

PayHip: PayHip pays sellers via PayPal and Stripe. They accept payment via Paypal and credit cards from customers. They allow you to sell e-books; they host them for free and take 5% of revenue. They allow you to recruit affiliates and share revenue with them.

You can also use them to sell online courses, memberships, and other digital downloads.

Sellfy: Sellfy allows you to sell books and anything digital for free to your audience. They host your files for free and just take 5% of revenue when a sale occurs. They accept payments from PayPal and credit cards. Sellers get paid instantly via PayPal and Stripe.

I’ve used GumRoad. it’s one of the best-selling platforms that fit my needs. Here’s why?

  • They pay via PayPal and direct transfer. I can easily withdraw my earning via Payoneer US payment services.
  • They support PayPal payments for buyers. It means more sales because sometimes buyers prefer to pay using their PayPal account instead of showing their credit card.
  • It is easy to integrate GumRoad into other services via Zapier. You can auto-post on social media, add buyers to your email lists (Aweber, Mailchimp)…
  • They allow you to build an audience and send them follow-up emails.
  • They are allowed by Youtube to link using annotations.
  • They link your store hosted for free with your Google Analytics account.
  • They offer PDF stamping to protect your files.
  • They allow streaming of your videos and you can rent them for 72 hours.

Go sell your e-books now

So, now, money can’t stop you from creating products for your blog business.

Now that you know where to sell your e-books online, you just have to create products and sell services your readers will invest in.

You can easily create an online store to sell books online for free. You may just want to sell directly your products without starting an online store. Those programs, especially Gumroad that I am using, allow you to do both.

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