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5 reddit tools to improve experience and increase impact

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Reddit, also called “the front page of internet”, is an online community for discussions and sharing. As the front page of the internet, it is one of the best sources for large audience and traffic acquisition.

You probably heard about the power of reddit to drive traffic, to get help, to be seen. But, after a try, it seems that you can’t fully understand how it works. There’s necessarily a reason.

Recall that reddit is a online community board with real human interaction; unlike other social media sites, traditional marketer may record a rapid fail; it is not simply about promotion.

Reddit works simple. It is an open source online board where anyone can create categories called subreddit to submit links and posts. Submissions will be upvoted or downvoted by the community; and the algorithm will calculate the hot submissions to hit the front page.

Each user has a different front page based on his subreddit subscriptions; there are also a standard front page which is shown to new users and non registered visitors.

So, reaching the front page of reddit is potentially thousands of people to check out your pages, reply to your questions, and so on… Here’s a screenshot from reddit about its traffic and use (modified to add the header,but the bottom is taken with a sreen capture browser plugin).

reedit stats at a glance

Tools to benefit the power of reddit

Reddit is powerful, no doubt; but how can you benefit its power? How can you use it for traffic acquisition, help seeking and brand building? This post will show you five tools you can use to improve your experience with reddit and maximize impact through proper use.

Why using tools? Reddit is a strong community where research before posting is a must. If you just come up and start promoting stuff or just posting random stuff, you’ll end up with a ban and no results. And, making research manually is not a viable solution. The importance of these tools will appear as i am describing them.


This is a dedicated search engine powered by Google custom search. If you want to find out what redditors like, nothing better than past successful submissions. If you want to write something that will please reddit community, you’ll better start with searching for what they like.


This tool is another must if you want to succeed in reddit by learning how it works. Perhaps, you did not understand nothing reading reddit rules; but you may have a brighter idea copying a successful redditor. redective, the reddit detective, allows you to:

  • search for an user and get stats. It can be used by mods to catch you if you are self-promoting yourself. It can be used as well to see words used, hours spent, subreddits used by successful users.
  • search for front page post and see which subreddits contain the posts shown in the front page.
  • Search a subreddit to find


reddit list dot com is another useful tool to discover the hot, rising and active subreddit to take part in. You get the 125 most active subreddits, the 125 subreddits with most subscribers and the 125 most growing subreddits the last 24 hours.

4.- lists subreddits by categories. over 3000 subreddits are listed by categories. You can then, according to your hobbies, join related subreddits to start taking part in the discussions.

Searching for the right subreddit for your submission is not a task you should neglect. Here’s come to help you get them easier.

5.- is the buffer for reddit. As reddit algorithm set content as hot when most votes are given immediately after submission, it is better to post at the right hour; when most active redittors are online.

this tool allow you to schedule one post per week ( to reduce spam) to be sent at the hour you determine that works best for your content.

Enjoy these reddit tools to improve your user experience and increase impact to get a wider audience. Here’s a link to more reddit tools. Feel free to comment and share!

· Updated on: November 3, 2020

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