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Do you remember our post about 12+ ways to drive traffic to your website? It was 12 ways where each way can drive thousands of unique visitors to your website each month. We talked in short about a recurring way to get traffic to your website; the 11th one, it was about syndicating content on blogging communities. Today post is about how to make money and drive real traffic from blogging communities. So, you can drive unlimited web traffic to your site but also earn up $105 per week for comments!

Kingged is the blogging community featured on our post today; Make over $105 a week and get free referrals traffic with real comments. It covers topics from social media, internet marketing to money making, blogging and so on… It has over 4000 members, 10 000 daily pageviews and PR4 sites. You earn money for commenting, but also, you earn back links to your latest blogs with commentluv.

A blogging community is a network of real bloggers and article writer. They are reading one each other creation, vote and comment. If your article is loved by its first voters, it will reach the homepage. It will be seen by more people who will continue to vote and keep your article ranking up and keep getting traffic. I hope you estimate its power and  understand why i told you that it is a recurring traffic method.

Generally such programs are either paid or free with advertising. We don’t care as they bring real values:

  • real readers by interests.
  • back links from leaders.
  • comment on how to improve your writing and please your audience.
  • etc…

Kingged is one of those kind of programs; a powerful recurring web traffic generation machine; and it is free. And, the most attractive part, you get paid to promote your content. Earn up to $105 per week through PayPal without investing a single cent. referral traffic report
3 articles shared; Kingged becomes the first referrer!

Use Kingged to drive website traffic

The bounce rate of 4% in my report shows how it is quality traffic. Getting that traffic from Kingged is easy! You write an article on your website; if it fits the blogging community categories, you submit it; bloggers read your posts, they comment and vote up or down. The vote system on Kingged is called “king”; readers can “king” or “unking”! The most kingged articles reach the homepage and get more traffic.

You also comment to earn up to $105 per week. $15 daily and for each of your comment, you get a link back to your latest articles. It is another way to drive readers to your website.

Make over $750+ a month commenting on kingged!

Opportunities are to earn $750 a month by commenting on kingged blogging community. This is a daily contest where the user with the most comments earn $10, the second one earn $5, the most valuable commenter earn $5! Each user can up $15 per day ( you can’t be first and second :) )! So, you can earn $105 per week just leaving comments on articles.

$25 are giving each day for $140 a week. You can get $5 extra income for being active, valuable and not being a winner during the week. payment are made weekly, on Monday; and i personally got paid! daily contest payment proof
Pierre Eustache payment from

The philosophy is simple. You make money for commenting on kingged about someone else writing. You drive traffic to writer and Kingged pay you for your contribution to the web; it is a way to encourage you to be a good reader. Is not awesome?

The daily contest has no ending date; it keeps running and open to everyone. You can sign up today and start making easy and quick cash online. Do you want to be in? If you’re experienced with it, please leave comment about your experience!

visit to start getting traffic and make money by commenting!

read the $750 daily comments contest!

· Updated on: November 3, 2020

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Written by Pierre Eustache

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