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5 Effective Ways To Get More Blog Traffic That Converts

We all know that blog traffic is not just about numbers.

In fact, what’s the reason of getting thousands of visitors if there is no conversion?

You and I want to get more blog traffic. But our main concern is to get more blog traffic that converts.

However, with more than 144 billion blogs available, how to get the attention of your potential customers and ambassadors to your own?

Why do I just say ‘customers and ambassadors’?

Because you really need two types of audience.

  1. Potential customers to buy your products, affiliate products you promote or to make you money any other way.
  2. Ambassadors or Influencer who really love your content and who are willing to share it to a wider audience.

That’s all we’ll go after.

boost blog page views with the best traffic sources

Today’s post is about how to get more blog traffic from people who are really interested in your content.

They want to learn from you. You inspire them. And they want to buy what you have to sell.

So, we’ll talk about 5 of the best ways to get more blog traffic that converts.

How To Get More Blog Traffic?

One of the best ways to increase blog traffic is to use more channels to advertise your website.

But, not all channels are created equal.

Some channels are powerful to get initial engagement with your posts. Others are useful to get long-lasting and passive traffic over months.

Let’s see how to mix the two to get high-quality traffic to your blog with a solid promotion strategy.

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Best Ways To Increase Blog Traffic

I know you need to increase your blog traffic. Who doesn’t want more website traffic?

But like I said in the introduction, it’s not about getting 1 000 daily visitors, 100 000 monthly pageviews, or anything like that.

It’s true, those numbers do help if you want to sell sponsored posts. But we want traffic that converts into subscribers, customers, shares and earning from ads.

So, instead, let’s chase those 1000 daily visitors, 100 000 monthly pageviews that make you money, build your brand awareness and grow your subscribers’ list.

Ready? Let’s do it.

1.- Search Engine

The best traffic source for a blog is “search engine”.

First, because when a user comes from searches engines, your blog in the listing is the answer to his query. He clicks through exactly to engage with your content.

Then, you can get more traffic to your blog using search engines because you can anticipate what users are looking for.

Search engines record the words people are searching for each month. And people keep searching over and over for the same words called keywords.

Use keyword tools like Google Keyword Planner and SemRush to search for key words people are using and write the answers they are looking for.

Because everyone’s writing is about the same keywords, use tools like Longtailpro or SemRush to know how difficult it can be to rank well for those keywords.

If you’re new to blogging, you should target only low competition and long tail keywords. Search engines use authority as a factor to rank websites, and those established websites will almost rank higher every time for competitive keywords.

Once a blog is gaining popularity and trust, search engines will automatically push the blog in front of more searchers.

Take the time to learn how to get more blog traffic from search engines, Especially from Google, Yahoo, and Bing. That traffic converts well into email subscribers, display ad earning, affiliate sales and customer acquisition.

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2.- Get traffic through email

You can increase your traffic to your blog via email. It is a guaranteed source of steady traffic at will.

First, build and grow your email list with Aweber or ConvertKit.

When someone land on your blog, ask him his email address so you can contact him later.

That person may never visit your website again. So, make sure you add an email signup form in popular places such as:

  • sidebar
  • right after blog post
  • site footer
  • between paragraphs

Give them freebies such as email courses, PDF documents, tips in exchange for their email address. You can then ask him to visit your site again each time you publish a new post; or each time you have a new product or a promotion.

I wrote about how to build targeted email marketing lists recently. You can learn from that post.

3.- Get more traffic via social media

You can increase social media traffic fast.

But to make it converts, you need a solid social media strategy.

There are so many social networks, it is hard to manage them all. If you don’t get help, you can be somehow active on all, but never get noticed.

One strategy is to focus on the social media accounts where your audience reacts the most. I give my focus to Pinterest and Facebook, but I still maintain my other social profiles.

I use Tailwind to organize and schedule pins. If you give your focus to more social medias, you can use BufferApp or native options to schedule posts on Google plus, twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.

There are bloggers who found it easier to go with twitter, Google plus, Instagram, or Tumblr.

Test and find your way. There’s no one size fits all.

Another problem is that social media traffic sometimes bounces.

The key solution is to set up your page to collect emails easily, or to direct traffic to a landing page.

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4.- Forums and Q/A

This is a goldmine for affiliate marketers. This is where you find people looking for a solution to their problems.

Sure, you will not get a lot of traffic from forums instantly. You have to be active; to provide values.

But the traffic you’ll get is from people who really care about your content.

To prevent spam, most forums don’t allow links in post content. However, you can add your links as your signature. It appears under each of your posts.

You can get traffic to your blog also using Q/A sites like Quora. The more meaningful answers you give, the more traffic you get in return.

Interesting reading: How to get traffic from Q/A and Forums.

5.- Social communities and publishing platforms

You can get a lot of traffic to your blog via social communities sites such as Reddit, Digg, Facebook groups.

Those communities help you get the initial traffic and engagement.

Get in front of influencer by sharing your posts on blogging communities such as GrowthHacker,

You can also get more blog traffic by adding a link to things you publish elsewhere.

It can be a video you publish on Youtube, Dailymotion or Vimeo. A slideshow on Slideshare, SlideSix or Docshare. A photo you publish on Flickr.

Take action to get more blog traffic

An epic content will not go viral by itself. You need to do your homework.

I hope you enjoyed reading. It’s time to get more targeted traffic to your blog now.

It’s not a huge list of ways to get traffic. It contains only the best traffic sources to get an audience that converts to your blog.

Even without co-worker or virtual assistant, you can dramatically increase your blog traffic.

But, obviously, you will NOT boost your blog traffic automatically by reading this article. You have to take action.

One of the most important steps is to write blog posts that people can’t help but read. And you can learn to master traffic generation for each channel.


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    • I am waiting for your next business online, Hamilton.
      Thanks for stopping by. I am glad to help!

  2. It is indeed an everyday task to bring traffic to your website, this is why I am here trying to understand how the traffic moves online. My question to you though, I see you didn’t mention it on your post, do you think that paid advertisement is as good as free advertisement? Also how long does it take to grow an email list?

    • Hello Hernando, Thanks for stopping by.
      I just wanted to give out free options. Paid advertisement is as good as free advertisement. You just need to learn how to start an effective campaign otherwise you’ll make more lost than profit. It’s faster than free advertisement in fact. But the risk to fail quickly is high too.
      Second, You’ll need traffic to grow an email list. But your email list growth depends on the quality of your traffic, the value of your proposition (CTA for email signup), the placement of your opt-in forms. There no clear answer to that question. But it’s highly recommended to start collecting emails on day one.
      You can tweak then to boost your subscription rate based on real and personalized data.

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