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Why it worths lots of money selling photos on dreamstime?

Photos are funny, useful. They help us to catch unique moment in life, make them unforgettable and so on… With a simple camera, you can make amazing images.

It is not the single benefit. In fact, photos can make you amazing cash as well. You can make lot of money online selling photos; and it is easy. i will illustrate by some example:

  • You walk in nature and see that the sky is beatiful. You take your camera and memorize that monent. You upload that picture on a stock photography sites and sell it to make money.
  • Your cat is sleeping peacefully. It is no cute. You take a shot and share it to the world on photo bank. You earn money each time someone want to download it.

I will stay with just these examples. Just imagine a photo need online, create an image for that need and make money. By example, a blogger need an image to illustrate an article about “stock photography”, can you create an image like this?

make money with stock photography
Let photography make you money online!

Photos, graphic design, illustrations, vectors, all things work. While stock photgraphy are legions, we will talk about ‘why it worth lots of money selling photos on dreamstime’.

Dreamstime is also a stock videography sites. Create intro and footage video that you think that may help someone with its business and sell it on dreamstime. By example, imagine that you create a countdown video business owner can use to introduce their products.

There’s a lot of free stock photos sites. Dreamstime is just one of them. I wrote also 5 ways to make money with photos, earn cash giving away images online and top 5 free stock photos sites that you may want to read as well.

What is dreamstime?

Dreamstime is a a leader of stock photography since 2010. It is a reputable space for high quality digital images. It is used to sell, buy and download royalty free images and videos online.

Why it worths lots of money selling photos on dreamstime?

What it worths selling photos on dreamstime?

The short answer: it worths lot of money. It can be a solid income stream because it has a lot of awesome features. Why i think it worths lots of cash selling photos on dreamstime?

1.- It is popular and search engine friendly

When a stock photography is popular and search engine friendly, it means more views for your uploads and more sales for your photos.

When you upload photos, you can add tags that will help your photos to show up next free photos and established photographer photos.

2.- It pays high on high level photos

The “level feature” keeps the photographer uploading high quality pictures. More sales means higher level and high earning. Here’s by example the table of revenue for level 5 photos.

photo earning level on dreamstime

The same rule applies for video created and uploaded to dreamstime. The only difference is that video bring more revenue as it is a more difficult creation task. Here’s the table of revenue for video.

earning level of video uploaded on dreamstime


3.- It pays per upload

When you are an ‘exclusive user’, you make $0.20 per accepted (image/video) upload. So, you make money even without sales when you upload high quality images that get sales.

You can request to be exclusive user if you uploaded 50 photos that get accepted on dreamstime and if you’re selling photos on dreamstime exclusively.

4.- It pays residual income and $5 per referral signup

Another reason why you may want to sell your photos on dreamstime is their referral program. You get paid all referral shares. If you refer someone to buy your photos, you’ll earn 10% of its sales, purchases and membership for the next three years.

You don’t simply earn for your sale, you earn for every sale. If that customer become a photograph, you earn 10% of each photo he sell for the next 3 years. If he buys photos from others photographers, you still earn 10% of its purchases. Is it not a win win game?

Also, you earn $5 instant per referral if you have a dreamstime badge on your homepage. Even if the referred user is photographer, buyer or affiliate, you earn $5 per sign up and then 10% recurring for the next 36 months of activities.

How can you get paid from dreamstime?

Dreamstime pay through Payoneer, paypal, Skrill (MoneyBookers) and check. You can request payment when you have at least $100 in account earning ( referral and sale earning). Or, you can convert your money into dreamstime credit to buy photos from other photographers.

Do you think that it worths lots of money selling photos on dreamstime for real? Please share your thoughts in a comment.


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