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Newor Media Review, Speed-Optimized Tech solutions For Display Ads In 2021

Newor Media is a premium ad management platform.

This means that, its primary goal, is to find the best-paying ads to display on your site so you make more money per visit.

While all programmatic ad partners promise high-paying premium ads, only a handful of companies fulfill that promise without damaging the user experience on your site…


  • is Newor Media a good company to partner with?
  • Is it going to make you more money if you join?
  • Will your site pass core web vitals while using Newor Media?

We’ll answer these questions and many others in this Newor Media review.

Quick note: I got many emails from companies that, even with the best intentions, I often forget to reply to. But Newor Media caught my attention long enough for me to check them out and engage in a conversation. I looked for reviews on Reddit, visit sites running Newor Media ads, etc… And I end up loving the platform. Actually, I am using them right now on AskEustache.

Full Disclaimer: Anyway, this post is sponsored by Newor Media . But, it’s still my honest review and I’ll back up my claims with screenshots anywhere I feel it’s needed.

Newor Media In A Nutshell! Is it Trustworthy?

Newor Media is one of the best Google approved ad partners and adsense alternatives.

Your website gets accepted if it receives at least 30,000 monthly unique visitors. Also, Newor Media requires that you display at least two banner ads.

Another positive point is that payment is guaranteed. You don’t have to worry about advertisers going bankrupt. You get paid on Net30 via Payoneer, PayPal, or wire transfer.

Maximize Your Website Earnings with NeworMedia

Newor Media uses AI, programmatic ads, and real-time bidding to display high paying ads in high-impact places on your website.

  • 30,000 monthly unique visitors.
  • Display minimum two ads.
Ad Types: IAB standard ad sizes, sticky, video ads.
Payment Methods: PayPal, Payoneer, Wire Transfer.
Minimum Payouts:
  • $50 via PayPal.
  • $100 via Payoneer.
  • $250 via ACH/wire transfer
Payment Terms: Net30

Start with NeworMedia for free

It takes only 2 to 4 days for Newor Media to review your application.

My Earnings with Newor Media

I moved to Newor Media from Ezoic and went back to Ezoic. You’ll see when I recommend Ezoic and when I recommend Newor Media.

After a week, here’s a screenshot of my earnings for the seventh day.

My earnings with Newor Media after one week

When I asked Newor Media if they’ll make me more money than Ezoic, they replied with a 100% confidence. I like Newor Media. It’s only 6 ad units. My site passes Core Web Vitals after leaving Ezoic. The ad impression is way lower than my actual traffic. Less than half, actually.

However, I did not continue with Newor Media. I found out that I could fix Ezoic speed issues. It was a conflict with Ezoic and other Javascript calls on my pages.

With Q4 near and Newor Media making me only half of what Ezoic made, I could not wait for Newor Media to learn more about my site and increase eCPM.

I highly recommend Newor Media for affiliate sites with 30,000+ monthly visits. You’ll diversify how you monetize your traffic with limited amount of ads which won’t affect your conversion.

Is it possible to use Newor Media ads and pass web core vitals?

Newor Media helps deliver ads while keeping your site fast.

It’s true. All ads slow sites down a bit. But it’s not an excuse for ad management platforms to deliver ads with unoptimized codes.

In fact, site speed helps to get higher search rankings , better conversions, and even higher paying ads.

I know a lot of sites using Newor Media that pass core web vitals.

Sites that use Newor Media ads and pass Core Web Vitals

As an example, success consciousness dot com uses Newor Media to display ads and pass Core Web Vitals for both mobile and desktop.

Besides ads, plenty of other factors can affect your site performance. But it’s good to know if you get them right, ads won’t necessarily slow everything down despite all your efforts.

Newor Media Unique Selling Points

Here are some features that make Newor Media different than some other platforms.

Only 2 ads required: while most ad platforms require at least 6 ads, Newor Media only requires two. In fact, they recommend that you don’t place a lot of ads on your pages.

eCPM in analytics: you can see the effective revenue earned per thousand ad impressions in Newor media reporting. I like this feature because most platforms only show you RPM because they bloat your site with ads. Reporting per ad impression would be too low.

Ad block solutions: Newor Media helps you to earn some money with users blocking ads.

Newor Media vs Ezoic

I love both Ezoic and Newor Media . With recent updates, Ezoic is trying to fix one of their biggest weaknesses: speed. Also, they now accept sites below 10,000 monthly visits. Still…

Why would you choose Newor Media over Ezoic?

  • Ezoic is not compatible with some technologies you’d like to use such as Cloudflare full-page cache which speeds up websites.
  • You don’t like Ezoic inlining 50+ KB of Javascript codes on each of your pages.

Newor Media gives you reporting about clicks, refreshes, eCPM, and more. You get access to some of these reports only when you pay for Ezoic premium or Ezoic plus. But the free analytics tools of Ezoic will help you better with other aspects of your website for growth.

However, Ezoic is more popular than Newor Media and have fewer requirements to join. Both programs will help you make money with high paying ads .

What I missed moving from Ezoic to Newor Media was the video player.

NeworMedia vs Adsense

Newor Media will make you more money than Adsense. Also, while you can’t run Newor Media ads with other header bidding ad tech, you can use it alongside Adsense.

So, if you have more than 30,000 monthly visits and using Adsense, you should try Newor Media .

Also, unlike Google Adsense, you have someone to reach out if you need help.

In short, here, Newor Media is a clear winner.

NeworMedia vs Mediaviane vs Adthrive

Mediavine and Adthrive are among the best in the industry of programmatic advertising.

Why would you choose Newormedia over Mediavine or Adthrive, then?

  • Only 30,000 unique visits required while Mediavine and Adthrive requirements are respectively 50,000 monthly sessions and 10,000 monthly page views.
  • You don’t have to get the majority of your traffic from US, unlike with Mediavine or Adthrive.
  • Faster payments: Newor Media pays on NET-30 schedule. Mediavine: Net-60. AdThrive: Net-45.

Newor Media Review - Do I Recommend it?

Newor Media will help you make more money with high paying ads. You have detailed analytics about the performance of your display and video ads. Also, it’s not required to have the majority of your traffic from U.S.

Newor Media Dashboard for new partners

Newor Media Pros:

  • Friendly support team who replies quickly with helpful info.
  • Detailed analytics that will help you take better decision to grow your revenue. You can see number of clicks, RPM, CPM, ad impresssion, and revenue per ad size.
  • Google certified partner to resell Ad exchange demand. You need thousands of monthly visits to get access to Google Adx without a reseller.

Newor Media Cons:

  • Ad unit creation limited: you have to ask the team when you want to display a new ad unit on your site so they can create it. I’d like more control over this.
  • Signed contract required: you must sign an insertion order agreement on acceptance. Unlike other platforms which requires exclusivity, with a 30 a 60 days contract, Newor Media just asks a one-day notice before you remove the ads. Not that bad, but I’ll prefer no contract at all.

So, yes, considering the pros and cons, I highly recommend Newor Media for making money with display ads.

Matt Diggitty earned $6 RPM running a test with Newor Media showing ads only on certain pages on his affiliate website.

With an ad at the bottom of the pages, Geekflare generates average $5 RPM with this ad management platform.

NeworMedia RPM examples

In some way, all ad partners use the same sources for ad auction.

At the end of the day, here are the criteria you should pay attention to:

  • Is the company doing their best to optimize their codes to reduce ads impact on my page speed?
  • Is there direct deals that will increase ad rates compared to regular ad stacks available anywhere else?
  • Can I rely on this support team to help me grow revenue with ads?

Newor Media is a good Google approved partner to grow your blog income with display ads.

When it comes to making money blogging, I prefer affiliate marketing. Still programmatic ad display is a great ways to earn passive income as well from your traffic.

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