Best Domain Registrar in 2023 (How to Pick The Right One)

For several reasons that I’ll disclose in this post, your registrar matters. I’ll review 3 of the best domain registrar.

Where to buy domain names?

One crucial step when buying a domain name is to choose a good domain registrar.


While all registrars offer the same base service which is connecting you to a registry to reserve your domain name, their quality of services differs.

In the same vein, you don’t have to go through dozens of domain registrars and spend your valuable time looking for the perfect one. In this post, we’ll show you the best 3 domain registrars and scenarios to pick the best one for your case.

Best Domain Registrar in 2023 (How to Pick The Right One)
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Does it matter which domain registrar you use?

Yes! It matters because while all registrar allows you to register a domain name, they differ in offered security, price, TLDs available (.com, .us, etc.), and privacy features.

Also, you need a registrar that is ICANN accredited. ICANN, which is short for Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, is a corporation whose responsibility is to manage domain name systems (DNS) and assign IPs.

Each Top Level Domain (TLD) or domain name extensions, such as .com or .net, is administered by a registry. So, the registrar connects you, the buyer, with the registry.

It’s all regulated. Here are what you should look for in a registrar.

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Domain Registrar Security

You need a domain registrar with free DNSSEC (Domain Name System Security Extensions) which prevents unauthorized redirections of your traffic with attacks on DNS cached settings.

Also, to prevent domain theft, you need a safe registrar with two-factor and others security measures to protect your account.

Domain Name Registrar Privacy

To prove ownership of the domain, you need to give information such as your home address, email address, and phone number.

The required information will be displayed on the WHOIS page of your domain unless your domain registry has WhoisGuard privacy enabled.

While this info needs to be public when you’re transferring domains from one registrar to another, they don’t need to be the rest of the time.

You need a registrar that will retract your personal info from the public records.

Registrar Domain Pricing Structure

To choose the best domain registrar, you need to consider the pricing structure and check if there ain’t hidden fees.

Domain renewal’s price can be ten times the initial price using some registrars. Some options are offered for free with a certain registrar while you need to pay for it using another.

Also, some registrars may lock your domain for transfer until you pay a fee.

We’ll review the pricing structure of 3 of the best registrar below.

The Best Domain Registrars Compared (2023)

Often, people buy a domain name when purchasing a hosting plan. With the following domain registrar, you can own a domain without hosting.

Some people like to buy domain names and web hosting from different companies. Sometimes, you need to park a domain name to make money with ads or to sell premium domains.

Here is a list of domain registrars where to buy domains and get great services.


Cloudflare registrar homepage

With Cloudflare DNS registrar, you pay the registry wholesale price without hidden fees. So, it’s the cheapest domain registration company you can use.

You can set up DNSSEC free to prevent unauthorized redirection of your traffic.

You also get WHOIS management to protect your email and home address privacy.

Cloudflare supports hundreds of domain extensions such as .cc, .tv, .us, .com, .info,, .io, etc…

See Cloudflare registrar review{.btn .btn-red}

Go to Cloudflare registrar


Porkbun domain registrar homepage

Porkbun is one of the best domain name registrars because it is affordable, you pay wholesale price + $1 and renew at the same price; you get Whois domain privacy free.

  • Free WhoisGuard domain privacy
  • affordable pricing. Initial price same as renewals.
  • DNSSEC support.
  • Free Email Forwarding

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Go to Porkbun registrar


Namecheap registrar homepage to buy domain names

I bought AskEustache on Namecheap before moving to Cloudflare registrar.

Namecheap is reputed for awesome deals where you pay the first at a really low price. They also sell web hosting services.

  • Free Whois Privacy
  • virtual email addresses
  • Expiration grace period


  • Renewals at NameCheap are not cheap.

How to pick the best domain registrar?

The following considerations will help you to choose the best domain registrar:

  • Pricing: consider the initial and renewal prices. Are there hidden fees? Is there a huge increase in renewal prices?
  • Security measures: your domain name is the online address of your business. What security measures are in place at the domain registrar to protect it?
  • Privacy: You are required to disclose ownership data for the domain with info such as name and email. You can protect your privacy with WHOIS protection. Is it available for free at the registrar or do you have to buy it as a service?
  • TLDs available: Is the domain name extension that you want to register available at this registrar?
  • Watch out for pre-checked add-ons: With some registrars, add-ons are prechecked to upsell other services. Pay attention to the checkout phase.


What a registrar do is register you as the owner of a domain name if it’s available. They are the middle man between you and the registry, the entity managing domain name extensions (.com,, etc…).

However, you need to choose the best registrar for your domain name. You need one that is accredited by ICANN, affordable, and with security measures to protect your address.