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5 Ways to get more social media engagement with JustRetweet

Social media is called “the new SEO”. It is the second most important traffic source following searche engine. So, you must take heed of social media marketing methods to get more social media engagement. Social engagement increase your website traffic instantly; it gives opportunities to more web traffic. How?

Once you write article or publish your creative content, it is available to your specified audience. You can start socially engage by sharing your own content with your social networks; your readers can help by sharing the content if they like it. But,- you’ve read on the web top ways to get user to share your article on social networks; and nothing worked. They still read your article, leave your website or simply move to another article; and you would like to fix that.

There’s a free tool to start getting social engagement online; it is available to anyone with a twitter account; which is itself for free. It is called JustRetweet. This post introduce you to it, show how you can increase engagement through it.

What is JustRetweet?

JustRetweet is an application that allow you to get re-tweets, likes, and plus-ones from real and active social media users. For now, it includes Google+, twitter and Facebook. You can start engage users on your content from the top 3 social media sites.

How it works?

To get social media engagement with JustRetweet, the process is simple. You sign up for free with your twitter account, you get signup bonus point; you add your message; users submit it on twitter, Facebook and Google+; points are deducted from your account for each message and added to engaged users.

When you have no point, you can send someone else message to your social networks and get points. Here’s all the benefits. As you’re real user, the others are real too. They have a real audience different then your real one; they spread the word about you to it.

You can get promoted by social media leaders in your niche for free. You can limit your message to users with a certain number of followers only. That said, it opens a door to another opportunity. You can get engagement from your engagement.

5 ways to get more social media engagement with JustRetweet!

By social media engagement, i mean:

  • re-tweets, mentions and follow on twitter.
  • Likes, shares and comments on Facebook.
  • +1 and comments on Google plus.
  • And so on…

JustRetweet allows you to get people to share your news. It just allow people to share it; it is up to to maximize the benefits. You should optimize your message to keep getting social engagement from your engagement. Here’s 5 proven methods to get more engagement on social media optimizing message for JustRetweet.

Write interesting articles influencer will share

The first important thing is content; as always. To get more social media engagement, your content needs to be social. Write a meaningful articles matching your target audience; add an eye-catching title. The title will catch social media user to submit or to go to verify quality of articles; it is first, a way to get traffic referred by JustRetweet website.

An high quality content will ensure sharing by social media leaders; a well written title will increase CTR and engagement on social sharing. Make sure you keep the quality of your article; it is an opportunity to get new audience and build your authority in your niche.

recommended reading: Improve your title to get more web traffic and increase CTR

Offer attractive pricing for retweets

Another key to engagement through quantity; when you combine it with quality, the result is just awesome. To get more social media engagement with JustRetweet, consider getting more sharing. And, to get more sharing, an attractive price for retweet is a must. Recall that social sharing on JR costs points you can get by sharing. The more point you offer, the more sharing you’ll get among the list of upcoming social sharing messages ( tweets, likes, plus-ones)!

Add “Please RT” at the end of tweet ( 28%+ engagement )

A study shown that adding “please RT” to your tweet increase your social engagement on twitter by 28%. You can consider adding it to your custom messages to get interactions. It is common that users react only if you call to action with your message.

include popular and related hash tags

#Hash-tags are very important for social engagement; it extends your audience considerably and connect your message with interest based users. Read how to improve social media engagement with a proper use of hash tags and apply methods on JustRetweet campaign.

Offer both +1, tweet and Like

Automatically, when you create your campaign, only twitter is selected; Your message will be available to twitter users only. But i don’t teach you nothing if i tell you that twitter engagement is difficult; it is limited by an active timeline.

You must activate twitter but you must includes Facebook and Google plus as well. You’ll get a natural sharing and you’ll open engagement on more networks; getting more comments and even more… Enjoy JustRetweet and make the best use.


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