How to Get Paid Working At Home Your Ways With SeoClerks

SEOClerks Review - Earn cash doing micro tasks

Get paid to work at home your way and withdraw through Payoneer and PayPal.

Earn money completing small tasks you love to complete and make money free without investment. Get paid to work at home, no investment, with projects from $1 to $250 per job.

You’ve probably seen programs to earn money online such as getting paid to write, get paid to design, get paid to translate, and freelance marketplace sites; it is mostly online jobs posted by employers seeking potential professional workers.

If you meet the employer’s requirements and you can apply for that online job, complete it, and get paid.

What if it was different? Imagine that you’re making money online from real online jobs with your own rules; you make money from online work-at-home jobs your way with SeoClerks!

My balance on SEOClerks

What is SeoClerks?

SeoClerks is an online micro jobs marketplace where employer comes to hire micro freelancers and where online workers list their skills waiting for gigs. You just have to sign up for free and list anything you can do under the following categories:

  • Article translation
  • Article writing
  • Audio & Music
  • Blog comments
  • Link building
  • Blogs
  • Design
  • Forum Post
  • Forum Signature
  • Graphic
  • Gaming
  • Programming
  • Questions & Answers
  • Social networks
  • Web 2.0 and even more…

You can get paid working at home your ways with anything under these categories! As I said when I talked about ways to earn money online with micro jobs, the only limit is you (your skills, your time, your rules, your imagination)!

The best part of online micro jobs is that you rule the game. You are fully eligible to start making money online as you sell what you can do. And, you earn money with anything.

By example, you earn money with a sponsored tweet, a Facebook like, a forum signature sold for a month, an article written, a blog comment, etc… Get paid directly into your Payoneer, your PayPal account, your home via money transfer, local bank transfer, etc…

How Does SEOClerks pay?

At SeoClerks, payment methods are flexible. The minimum payout can lower till $1 and withdrawal are made through Payoneer and PayPal!

When you sign up, you start as level 1 online worker; as you complete jobs, you’ll get automatically promoted to higher level for free. Here’s payment threshold by user level:

  • Level 1: $10 minimum payout through PayPal, $20 through Payoneer, $150 through local money transfer 8 times a month.
  • Level 2: $5 minimum payment threshold through PP, $20 via Payoneer, and $150 via money transfer 12 times a month.
  • Level 3: $1 minimum Pay out by PayPal, $20 through Payoneer, $150 through money transfer 31 times a month!
  • Level 4: All Level 3 advantages plus 999 withdrawals allowed per month!

Is Seoclerks legit?

When it comes to join online programs to make money online, it is important to check if program is legitimate online jobs website or not. For Seoclerks, till now, it stands as legit online micro jobs sites. I got paid many times, here’s one payment screenshot! So, SeoClerks is legit!

payment from seoclerks!

Join now.

How to get paid working at home with SeoClerks?

According to our dear reader “Tanisha Herring” request , this article was extended with tips to make money working online with seoclerks (article was first published on Topcasher).

1) Optimize your profile for higher conversion rate!

Once you join SeoClerks, the first step is to create an appealing freelance profile. It happens that buyer check your profile for recommendation and information first, then purchase services.

It is recommended to add a profile picture (your own or an avatar), fill profile information and remove the map location module (it moves your services 300+ pixels down)!

Remember to add in your bio why employer should buy your services. Add your experiences, successfully past jobs and more…

2) List unique and affordable pricing services

Your services determine your earning level. Add what you can do, list them with descriptive pictures, show success proof and ask for affordable pricing. Affordable pricing mean no lower, no higher, but exact pricing for what you want to offer.

Ask yourself how much money would you pay to but the exact service from someone else. SeoClerks allow you to offer discount, consider giving special price to start! You can edit your service price anytime.

3) Bid on Want to Buy and Let bid open

To get paid working at home your ways with SeoClerks, you can either list your skills (WTS: Want to sell) or bid on buyer need (WTB: Want To Buy)!

Level 1 users can’t create service under $5 while higher level can and WTB can be as low as $1. It is an easy way to build your reputation by completing easy tasks fast and get positively reviewed. Plus, you can let your bid open so buyer can hire the same services from you like a WTS (you remember what it is? 😕 )

SeoClerks allow you to subscribe on categories and add tags to get notified by email for new jobs related to your skills. WTB is a nice way to start and i started from here!

4) Promote your services and get followers

Get sales by promoting your services to your networks and friend through social networks, forums, ads and blog posts. While you get sales from buyer browsing SeoClerks with normal listing, you can reach anyone by your sharing! SeoClerks also allow you to bump your services and highlight them.

Plus, you can follow others members and get followed. They will be notified when you add new services or update your profile with a news! I they needed such kind of services, they can buy it from you!

5) Refer your friends

You get 10% from your referral for your lifetime membership for free. As long as your referred members earn money, you earn money too.

SeoClerks ease the process by giving free money with sign ups. Referred users can use the free money to order services, even your own services.

Sign Up for a free membership and start making money!

Get paid working at home your ways with seoclerks; get paid through PayPal, Payoneer and money transfer. Run the game and earn money online with anything: a WordPress theme, a tweet, social networks, and anything else. Please share the article if you liked it.

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