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Best 5 Sites Where You Get Paid to Watch Videos Online in 2023

Best sites to get paid to watch videos

Video is great for persuasion.

Therefore, some companies are willing to pay you to watch videos online.

I’ve already talked about ways to make money with videos, and getting paid for watching videos has the lowest earning potential among them. However, it’s a great way to earn extra income in your spare time.

Let’s talk about the best ways and the best sites where you can earn money watching videos online.

Best Sites to Make Money Watching Videos Online

I’ll list programs that pay you real cash for watching videos. You can cash out your earnings via PayPal; if you prefer, you can get a gift card.

In a hurry? Here is my pick of the best sites to get paid to watch videos online:

Site Features
Swagbucks Earn watching videos, playing games, and searching the web.
iRazoo Make money watching videos with iRazoo. (US, UK, Canada). International members get paid for completing surveys.
NetFlix Earn rewards for reviewing series. You apply when there’s open job to watch and tag series on Netflix.

You can install apps and get paid to watch videos and ads on your phone.

There’s a caveat too. You have to give personal information to create a profile for advertisers to get targeted videos on most sites. That’s why I prefer other ways to monetize videos (also more lucrative).

I’ll list the best 5 sites to earn rewards for watching videos that are highly reputed and pay well.

1.- SwagBucks ($5 sign-up bonus)

Swagbucks is an online site where you get paid to do small tasks such as:

  • taking surveys,
  • playing games,
  • doing researches,
  • and watching videos.

You earn $5 as a bonus for sign up. If Swagbucks is not available for your country, you’ll see a blank page.

Paying since: 2010
Payment Methods: PayPal, Gift cards
Minimum Payout: $3

Sign up and earn $5 bonus on Swagbucks

People in tier 1 countries such as United States, France, German can make $20+ per month on Swagbucks.

You earn SB points that you can convert into cash.

2.- InboxDollars (Get paid to watch videos and play games)

InboxDollars is another website paying cash for watching videos. You also get paid for activities such as doing online surveys and playing games.

Paying since: 2000
Payment Methods: PayPal, Gift Cards
Minimum Payout: $30

With InboxDollars, you will earn $0.15 per video on average.

I was using InboxDollars until they removed accounts from ineligible countries. It’s a great site to earn rewards watching videos if your country is on the approved list.

3.- AdWallet (Earn up to $3 per video)

Earn $0.50 to $3 per watched videos. AdWallet is not open world wide, you won’t get access to the sign up page if your country is not on the approved list.

Paying Since: 2017
Payment Methods: PayPal, bank transfer
Minimum Payout: $10

Sign up on AdWallet

If you don’t get videos everyday due to your location, you get a notification when they are available.

4.- iRazoo (Get Paid to watch videos and taking surveys)

Get paid to watch movie trailers with iRazoo app. They’ll also pay you to read emails and articles, completing surveys, and playing games.

Paying since: 2016
Payment Methods: Amazon card, PayPal
Minimum Payout: 3000 points or $5

Sign up on iRazoo

To earn rewards for watching videos on iRazoo, you need to sign up on Hideout TV. (You’ll find the link in the dashboard upon sign up). They’ll tell you if it is available in your country and show you how to sign up.

5.- Netflix Tagger (Binge-Watch and Get Paid)

Occasionally, there are open jobs on Netflix to watch series and reviewing them.

You’ll be required to provide information about the series such as categories, description, rating, etc…

It is not the most rewarding ways to get paid for your time. But if you’re gonna spend time watching movies, it’s a good way to earn money doing so.

Alternatives to Making Money Watching Videos

You can increase your earnings from videos using different methods.

Get paid for uploading videos:

When you upload videos that are entertaining or educational, you get paid when people spend time watching them.

They are served with useful video content, you are getting paid for ads shown during video plays. I recommend Ezoic to monetize video views on your website.

There’s no minimum traffic requirement to sign up with Ezoic and start making money with ads on video. (They’ll host the video for free).

If you don’t own a website, you can upload videos and get paid on rumble.

Sell your videos for profit:

Shoot videos that you can sell on stock sites. They can be simple videos such as hands of someone doing something, cute animals, etc…

You can also sell video courses on platforms such as Teachable or Thinkific or rent your videos on platforms like Uscreen or Vimeo.

Summary: Ways to Get Paid Watching Videos

You can make money watching videos on your phone or computer.

It won’t make you rich but you can earn up to $3 per videos that you watch. The catch is that you have to wait for offers to be available.


There’s one thing that I don’t like with sites that pay you to watch videos. Because they are mostly survey sites, they are asking too much information about you.

I know many of you won’t feel comfortable giving so much details to get extra income.

Some of the info is needed so they can show you surveys you qualified for. But I prefer to make money with videos using other methods where I don’t have to give personal info.

So, go make money watching videos.