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Earn Huge Money Online Writing on Hubpages Revenue Sharing Program

Don’t minimize the power of your writing skill. You can make huge money online writing. As we will cover it in this article, HubPages revenue sharing program is a great way to go. You can build a passive online income from your passion.

Recall our article where it was about “5 reasons why you should write on revenue writing platform“; This case study for Hubpages will just show you that it is beneficial to write for others, specially when you get paid.

In fact, writing on Hubpages guarantee you up to $10 per 1000 views on your articles and videos. It is something that is not guarantee for traffic on our website (using adsense our-self). It is because HubPages has a special program where you earn per view independently of adsense, Amazon or eBay. Plus, you still earn money for those three platforms; writing constantly, creating videos, you can build income and make huge money writing online. revenue sharing program

What is HubPages?

HubPages is an online publishing site. You write article online, they got reviewed and published and read. You create videos, upload them to the site and get viewed. For those views, the site use a revenue sharing program; the revenue from on page and in-video advertisements are shared between site owner and writers.

Each article is called a hub; each writer is a hubber. You can create video type hub, where you only upload a video. You can also make money by asking questions or sharing someone else’s writing, even by linking it into your own work.

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How to earn money writing on

HubPages allows you to earn passive income from writing. You write articles about your passion, your interests, expertise and knowledge. Advertising are shown on those pages; and revenue from those advertising are shared between you and HeedPages.

If you can also create video, which is simple task nowadays, you can also make money from them. Upload them to Hubpages and earn money with in-video advertising networks like Google adsense ( pre-roll, post-roll, streaming)!

The revenue is either 60/40 or 60/30/10, depending of traffic sources. If traffic come normally, writer get 60%, HubPages get 40%. If a hubber refers your article, you earn 60% of traffic revenue, Hubpages earn 30% of that revenue and the hubber who refer the article earn 10%.

It is good to notice that sharing is not about pure revenue; instead the ad impressions are shared. If you make $50 from adsense, you’ll keep 100% of your revenue; in fact, HubPages has nothing to do with it; it is paid directly into your adsense account. It is the same case for your own amazon sales, you earn 100% of sales you get from Amazon through your shared articles.

But, for each 100 views, your ad is shown 60 times, HubPages is shown 40 times. Opportunities are full for each person who get its advertisements shown for a view; even the referrer for its 10% when it comes to 60/30/10 sharing.

How much money can you make writing on HubPages?

The title of the article answer the question; you can make huge money writing on HubPages. The revenue program allow you to earn up to $10 per thousand views and un-metered revenues through adsense, eBay and Amazon.

But, don’t think it is magical or quick rich scheme. Yes, it can be instant ( thus, you need to wait for payment date); if you’re an experienced pro blogger, you can write and use your actual traffic stream to make huge money with Hubpages upon publication. But if you’re new, you have to be patient, build relationship and write constantly.

I made the mistake and thought that it was a passive income like magical methods; but no, it was not. The result, i gave up! But without deleting my articles; i wrote about 6 hubs ( without search optimization, promotion or anything similar)! Fortunately, an article did well on search engines and still rank on first page for keywords like “get traffic using Google trends“; it shares me the opportunities i was missing.

I taught me something else; even if HubPages can be turned into a passive cash machine, you need to turn it on first; thing i missed. So, take that as a prudence lecon and don’t regret reading post like “$104+ after 4 months on Hubpages – He has $2.08 CPM!”!

For sure, i am back now writing on Hubpages; but i own two websites, write somewhere else and try to be human online which take time. I postpone the screenshot of a beautiful month on HubPages for further date! :)

There are factors which vary the payment rate per article. It depends on traffic sources and content category; but you can make up to $10 per 1000 views. We will compute if we get $5 only per thousand views. Writing 10 articles which get 25 daily hits each, you earn $1.25 daily, $37.5 monthly; without adding revenue from adsense and possibly sales from Amazon. Is it not an awesome opportunity? I am not about to miss it again! :D Just multiply by 10 months doing this, you’ll get $375 per month. Will you get only 25 daily views to each article per day? Will your revenue fixed to $5 CPM? Hum?…

Make Money also with a flexible referral program!

The flexible referral program makes the HubPages system even more awesome. People are willing to link to your article, they make money for that. Example of the above shared link ;)! You get 10% from views you send to HubPages (any page with ads on it) and 12% from referred members writing. Recall that those revenues are taken from Hubpages 40%; writers still earn as always.

If your writing skill is under the standard level, which you can improve from HubPages Learning Center, you can earn through the referral programs. Promote others who will get more audience, more money, but you too without working and thinking.

How to get paid?

Payment are made through PayPal only from Hubpages ad program. But programs like Adsense, Amazon use their own system such as PayPal, Direct transfer, Western Union and check. As i am outside US, somewhere PayPal is not allowed, i manage an account from a friend living in U.S and get paid through Payoneer US payment services directly into my Payoneer account. And the minimum payout is $50; payment is made monthly!

This is an opportunity to anyone who want to get paid writing. Write about things you love, things you know and get paid! Even without paying fees for owning a professional blog, you can start making money; also HubPages allow you to get approved for an adsense account, they have partnership. You can start today! Feel free to comment, share this article; and start making huge money writing online with HubPages revenue sharing program.


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8 thoughts on “Earn Huge Money Online Writing on Hubpages Revenue Sharing Program

  1. Hi Pierre,

    HubPages do provide us with an excellent opportunity to earn money online. I’ve myself made use of that feature in the past. It is thoroughly legit and works like a charm.

    But at the same time, I must say that some good old hard work is involved in the process. It is not cakewalk by the way! That’s a fact.

    If one is really dedicated, has some serious writing and SEO skills and is patient enough, then Hubpages will reward him/her. If one is looking for a quick fix, then they are going to get disappointed!

    I’m Kingging this post on Kingged, where I found the link to this post.


    • I fully agree with you, Arun! It is not cakewalk :)! If someone has writing as passion, he is ready to make huge money writing; but nothing say exactly when. It depends on his writing and marketing skills! Kingged works! :D

    • Congratulations, Bharath! You did a good work! But it adds credentials if you upgrade your images with at least one screenshot with your Hubpages’ username. By example, i’d like to check out your profile but i can’t; and, it would increase the traffic to your hubs and your earning.

  2. I’ve been on HubPages since 2011 and now make a regular income of over $8,000 a year but it has taken a lot of work to get to that point, and a certain amount of luck in choosing topics that happen to get good traffic. You really do need to be an expert at something to build up a body of work that gets regular traffic. Of my 300 Hubs, only about 1/3 of them generate most of my income. I have some excellent work which beats other things on that topic in the Google search but does not get traffic. So if you want to succeed, it is important to really build on your brand and, if possible, try several different topics until you get a “hit” and then write more Hubs in that general theme.

    • Hello Virginia,
      Thanks for stopping by. You did a really good job with your hubs.
      It’s true! It’s a lot of work to get there. Specially when you expect most of your traffic to be organic.
      I, however, prefer to start my own niche blog. When I have off-topic inspiration, I can write them on HubPages.

  3. I have written several articles for Hubpages, all of which are very highly rated by the site’s own measures, and all of which have been featured by the site, so I know they are considered high quality content. These articles were written as long as seven years ago (2012). You would think producing good content for a website that supposedly pays you for writing would make at least a little bit of money over seven years, right?

    I have total balance in my Hubpages account of just over $40. Very conveniently for Hubpages, you have to have a minimum of $50 to cash out at all. My balance increases by approximately $0.04 a month (they have changed the rules since I started; the writers’ share of the earnings used to be higher, which is why I was able to get $40). At this rate, I still have over 20 years before I even meet the minimum balance to get any money at all.

    Because of this arbitrary minimum cash out balance, the overwhelming majority of Hubpages writers will never receive a penny for their work. Of course, Hubpages will happily earn ad revenue for themselves from your content.

    I have even written to the support center and politely asked to be able to withdraw my $40 because it would be impossible for me to ever reach $50. I figured they would care enough about their users to make an exception if asked nicely, and it was just $40. Not even $40 I was asking to get for free, it was MY $40. To my surprise, the individual I spoke to refused to budge and even became rude when I continued trying to explain how their policies would make it impossible for me to ever access my money.

    I realize now that Hubpages is basically a scheme to trick people into producing free content they can profit from. They say you’ll get paid for it, but the rate of earnings is ridiculously low, and they have that “minimum balance” in place to ensure most people won’t even be able to receive the little money they earned. The entire business model is unethical, and the internet will be a better place when they either go out of business or get shut down for legally dubious business practices.

    • Hello Hays,
      I’d suggest you to give your article some promo to get more views to reach $50. They will not pay you at $40. Then, you could remove your articles and rewrite them on your blog. It’s been a while since I don’t use HubPages. I’ll check them out and update (or remove) that article.

      Thank you!

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