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How to Redirect Affiliate Links with CloudFlare Workers (with Proper HTTP Headers for SEO)

There are many advantages of redirecting affiliate links with Cloudflare Workers. I wanted to cloak affiliate links without a plugin because I was moving away from WordPress. I was moving to Hugo’s static site generator and Cloudflare Pages. I am back on WordPress now but still use Cloudflare for affiliate link redirection. When I first … Read more

Effective Strategies To Sell Shirts With TeeSpring & ViralStyle

Have you ever tried Print On Demand affiliate programs? Programs like TeeSpring or ViralStyle allow you to sell t-shirt designs for free online. They are called P.O.D. affiliate programs. With no upfront cost, no inventory management, and no shipping or customer service on you, you get your designs printed on t-shirts and shipped worldwide. All you … Read more

5 Quick Tips To Increase Affiliate Income On Your Blog

Affiliate earning is awesome. A simple persuasive piece of content can earn you passive revenue over months,… …even over years. No product creation. No customer care. Just promote affiliate products that you like and earn money. I assume that you’re making money already with affiliate marketing. You know what affiliate marketing is and how it … Read more

What Is Affiliate Marketing And How To Make An Epic Start?

You’ve heard about affiliate marketing. And perhaps, you’ve seen people earning a lot from affiliate sales. But you still have all these questions: Perhaps you’ve started but never earned a smile from consistent sales. The fact is that you can earn money with affiliate marketing; but your questions deserve actionable answers first. You need to … Read more

5 Must-Haves To Run A Profitable Affiliate Marketing Site

Should someone start affiliate marketing by applying for high-paying programs, right? You’d promote these affiliate links on your blog, get huge commissions per sale, and earn quick income online. It’s the right way to think about an affiliate marketing business. Trust me. I experienced that route. I tried it for a long time, but I … Read more