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3 Tools Everyone who do Freelance Writing Should be Using

Are you dreaming of making income from home with freelance writing? Sure! It worths dreaming about being a freelance writer. You can make $2800 a month, for example, by writing only 4 articles; not payment based on performance but upfront. Let’s consider for example WPMU that pay up to $700 per accepted article about WordPress.

But, do you think you can make such money if you don’t write grammar error free sentences? Do you say  you’ll achieve your goals with no plans? Do you care about distraction? Do you… Let’s stop with questions and move to the facts.

To effectively earn money writing online you need tools; but not any tools. Not because some tools are not useful, but using a lot will results in more time spent on a single task. You need to use tools cleverly by using the best. When it comes to writing, they’ll boost your productivity.

Freelance writing tools

It is not about the number of writing tools that you use. It is about their effectiveness. The more a single tool do, the better it is for us. We complete most of your tasks at one place.

To complete freelance writing jobs, it is a plus if we use tools like:

grammarly proofreader

1.- Grammarly: grammarly is an online tool that proofread your writing. You can upload or paste your text to review it for grammar error, synonym suggestion, plagiarism, etc…. Is it a tool that will help you in most of your tasks and a must use for a content writer; it will be useful as well for freelancers to check for uniqueness of content delivered.

2.- if you want to be more productive, you need to stick on specific goals. To avoid being distracted, you need a tool to keep an eye on your tasks. It is where will help! It has chrome app, web app, and mobile app which can be synchronized. Take your tasks everywhere with you. Plan tasks and subtasks, get notifications, share with co-workers, and so on… It is free.

3.- Hubspot title generator: To generate title that will guarantee acceptation of your topic, get suggestions. You can use it to get inspiration but to find most attractive headline as well. Title for this article was suggested to me by this tool.

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Freelance writing resources

You need tools to be more productive. They will help on each project and perhaps during your whole freelance career. You also need to improve your skills as well…

Online courses: a freelancer is an expert. You can be requested to write about a subject that you don’t master well. Why not taking an online course, often free, to complete more projects. You can find online courses on, or You can take courses to improve your writing skills as well.

By example, WMPU pays up to $750 per post around WordPress, you may want to learn to master WordPress; pay up to $300 per tutorials around photoshop; you may want to learn to use photoshops. etc…

Content curation / news digest: To keep writing, you need inspiration. To find inspiration, you need to stay connected with the topics you write about. You may want to subscribe to the newsletter from sites that you want to follow. Or, you may find it wise to subscribe those sites in one dashboard with content curators such as,, etc….

By using these tools and resources, you become more productive and make more money with freelance writing jobs. As a freelance writer, you set your rate per word or per hour. You can create a portfolio with sites that pay upfront and earn huge money; You can use your writing skills as well on your site and monetize your creative writing.

Do you think there are some tools I did not add? Drop it in a comment with a little description. If it offers a feature that above tools don’t provide, I’ll consider adding it.

What next? Start using these tools, improve yourself and make money. I appreciate when you share heedpages’ articles on social media; so, thanks in advance for sharing that piece of content.

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