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6 keys to an optimized design for search engine and user

How to design a website that is both optimized for searches engines and readers? It starts right from the conception of your website. Let’s see how 6 simple keys may help you optimized design for search engine and user.

Make Your Social Media Marketing Strategy Effective Today

effective social media marketing strategy

How is your social media campaign? To succeed in your social media marketing strategy, there’s a pattern that works. Here are 4 keys to a successful campaign.

Berush: A SEO Affiliate Program to Earn up to $159 in recurring commissions

semrush affiliate program review - get paid residual commissions by berush

BeRush, the SEMrush affiliate program, is a SEO affiliate program where you can make up to $195.98 in residual commissions per month per referral.

Today’s post, the Berush Review, is here to help you learn more about the program, their payment methods, if it can break your branding or help your loved readers.