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Best 10 social media sites to get sales and traffic

To get traffic from social media sites, popularity count; the more a website is visited, the wider is the site audience; the more the visitors are engaging, the more traffic you’ll get. Sometimes, we give importance to alexa ranking and page rank which are not stable data that tell us effectiveness of a website to get more web traffic from. A social media sites is good if its users are active, interactive, real and connected by common interests!

Best 10+ social media sites to get sales and traffic

Today post highlights the best 10 social media sites to get sales and traffic. As i said above, they are social media with large number of active users. Either it is social network around text, videos, slideshows, etc… get sales and traffic from best global and niche social networking sites. Some articles are recommended for detailed methods to succeed with each social media source.

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1.- Twitter

Twitter is a micro blogging social networks where status updates is generally limited to 144 characters. Each twitter user can connect with others users to exchange updates ( also called tweet – like a bird’s sound )! It is an awesome tool when it comes to promote products to get sales and website to get traffic. By the number, twitter is 500+ total millions users and 288 millions of monthly active users.

2.- Facebook

Facebook is awesome for both friendly, professional connections and marketing! With 1.15+ billions users in total, 751 millions active users and average 73% engagement on post; Facebook can drive unlimited traffics to your website using groups, fan pages, profile wall, etc…

3.- LinkedIn

LinkedIn is one of the best social media sites for professional connections. It is the perfect platform for business owner to connect with employees, customers, etc… It is also a world wide social media site of 238 millions+ users in total, 1.5 million of active discussions groups that boost your site traffic effectively.

4.- Google +

Google plus is a recent social media build by Google and available to any Google account owner. Google plus sharing helps to get traffic from Google+ social network itself then it affects the search engine result pages for people in your circles. Google+ has 500 million+ total users, 343 million active users each month. Google+ communities are also increasing each day and engaging users boost your site traffic and ranking.

5.- Tumblr

Tumblr is blogging social network; you connect with others tumblr user, you share text, video, musics, and photos and get seen by your followers who can interact. 170.2 millions of blogs ( 02/2014 ) owner waiting to see your content on the social media website.

6.- Apsense

Apsense is a niche social networking sites around marketing. It is a social networks where users expect marketing resources, help and promote their websites and products. Features like product pages, brand pages, reviews help you market your site and products to over 5 millions of monthly active users.

7.- YouTube

YouTube has 1 billion active users monthly; the YouTube insights is really shocking. 100 hours of videos uploaded each minute; 6 millions hours of videos watched each month; Upload your videos, add your links in description and drive millions of YouTube video viewer to your website.

8.- SlideShare

Present your products, website or teach the community with Slideshows. Share your interactive slides to a website with 60 million visits and 120 millions of page views each month!

9.- Pinterest

Pinterest is a social media around pictures. With rich pins, you can showcase your products, articles and get sales and traffic from 70 millions ( Pinterest total ) users.

10.- Reddit

Reddit plays role of social networking, social bookmarking and content syndication networks. Join popular sub-reddit and add your articles to get instant interactions (views, rating and comments)! As long as your get positive rating, you keep getting traffic from…

46% of social media sites users purchase from promotion in feeds; So, well made social media marketing guarantee either social traffic and sales as long as your sharing is valuable. make use of these social media sites for the best; don’t hesitate to check out best practices articles to market well.

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