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4 effective ways to make your article go viral on the internet

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We get many ways to drive traffic to a website. Social network itself  is powerful and can drive thousands of daily unique visitors to a website. When your articles go viral on the internet, the traffic just increase dramatically out of your control. The article is spread across the world using social network sharing, mention in articles, forum post, sent through email newsletter and even more…

As traffic is what we are looking for as webmasters, that situation makes us happy! It increases traffic and eventually revenue from on page advertising and products showcases.

But how to make your article go viral on the internet? It is easy for website with a large number of subscribers; but how can a site with any size achieve it?

4 effective ways to make your article go viral on the internet

To make an article go viral on the internet, it needs to be seen, it needs to be valuable and it needs to be share-able. The quality of the articles matter and the importance the community gives to the content is the key!

1.- create unique and valuable content that readers like

The first factor to make an article go viral in sharing is to write something that worth the user sharing. So, it is important to write something that is unique and valuable to your readers.

It results that the importance the user will give to your content (valuable or not) depends on the user interests; taking time to look for solutions for common problems is a factor to increase sharing and links back for your writing.

Another factors that help to increase sharing for valuable article is simplicity and illustration. So, take time to create unique and valuable content written with simple and easy to understand words and add illustration ( an image say a thousands words, a slide show ten thousands and video a thousand of thousands).

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2.- Add social sharing button

User does like your content; but don’t expect that someone will copy your articles to share it on social networks. It happens and sometimes when sharing on social bookmarks; but don’t relay on it.

Add the best performing social networks button on your website to ease social sharing. The most popular social buttons used are Facebook share, twitter share and Google+ share but you may also use others like stumble upon, LinkedIn, etc…

As social sharing buttons increase loading time, you can use those plugins designed to improve site speed; here again, the social buttons is available only to your readers. They like your content, the share it with their networks; but you can do better.

3.- Submit on content discovery networks

While social sharing buttons help your readers share your articles, content discovery networks help them find it. Some content curator tools allow to submit your RSS and get your articles seen by users subscribed to the category your site belong; some tools allow you to add manually content and build audience.

They includes generally social sharing buttons where anyone can share the content and readers can attach the content to its listing. It will increase your readers and your presence over the web.

4.- Submit on blogging community

Another great place to share your content to get interactivity, social sharing and blog mention is blog communities. Blog community allow you to submit your content to others bloggers; you content will be visited, rated and shared. As much your content are attractive, as much review and traffic you’ll get; this highlight the importance of a great title and an optimized description.

Then, blogging community ensure quality traffics over time. The visits are interest-based and will convert into multiple page views per visit; plus, as you receive positive rate, you’ll rank higher and being featured on home page and category pages for more traffic, review and sharing.

The viral potential of an optimized article is endless; you can take advantages of these 4 ways to make your article go viral on the internet and increase traffic to your site.

Sharing your own article with your network can turn articles viral; it is the most recommended action to take right after article publication. As people engage with your sharing by liking, commenting, re-sharing, you’ll make your article even more viral!

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· Updated on: November 3, 2020

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